BH could have record heat and rain showers this holiday Wednesday

BH could have record heat and rain showers this holiday Wednesday
BH could have record heat and rain showers this holiday Wednesday

The Proclamation of the Republic Day holiday will be very hot and with the possibility of rain in Belo Horizonte. According to the municipal Civil Defense, thermometers can reach 38°C. The expectation is that the maximum will exceed the 38.6°C, recorded on September 25th, and the capital will have the hottest day of the year this Wednesday (November 15th).

According to Civil Defense, the capital may experience rapid rain showers of up to 20 millimeters during the afternoon. Air humidity must remain at around 20%, an index that is considered a state of alert. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal level ranges from 60% to 80%.

The recommendation is for the population to maintain hydration during hot days. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid physical activity during the hottest period. Regarding rain, the advice is to avoid areas subject to flooding and flooding.

See the highest temperatures in BH in 2023

  1. 09/25/2023 – 38.6ºC
  2. 14/11/2023 – 37.9ºC
  3. 13/11/2023 – 37.3°C
  4. 09/24/2023 – 37.1°C
  5. 12/11/2023 – 36.1°C

Care during the rain

  • Redouble your attention! Avoid flood areas and do not travel on streets subject to flooding or near streams and rivers during heavy rain.
  • Do not cross flooded streets or let children play in floodwaters or near streams.
  • Do not take shelter or park vehicles under trees.
  • Pay special attention to slopes and hills.
  • Never approach broken electrical cables. Call CEMIG (116) or Civil Defense (199) immediately.
  • If you notice cracks in the walls of houses or the appearance of cracks, depressions or water mines on the ground, notify Civil Defense immediately.
  • In case of lightning, do not remain in open areas or use electrical equipment.

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