Audios reveal volleyball coach’s invitation to victim of sexual abuse in AM: ‘come prepared’ | Amazon

Audios reveal volleyball coach’s invitation to victim of sexual abuse in AM: ‘come prepared’ | Amazon
Audios reveal volleyball coach’s invitation to victim of sexual abuse in AM: ‘come prepared’ | Amazon

Audio reveals volleyball coach’s invitation to victim of sexual abuse in AM

Audios of a conversation via a cell phone application reveal an invitation made by the volleyball coach, suspected of raping teenage athletes, arranging a meeting with one of the victims. According to the police, the message was on the cell phone of one of the teenagers found at the house Walhederson Brandão Barbosa, aged 40, at the time of his arrest this Tuesday (14). Listen to the audio above.

The suspect’s defense said in a statement that it did not have access to the records and that it will only comment after becoming aware of the accusations.

The audios were obtained by Amazon Network, there is no information about the date the files were created. In them, the suspect says the victim went to the meeting alone.

“Is everything okay, my son? If you come, come alone, you don’t need to bring the other boys, okay? And you come prepared today, okay?”, he says.

AM under-16 volleyball team coach arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of players

Coach of the Amazon Under-16 volleyball team is caught with players in bed

Crimes happened almost 20 years ago, police say

“During the investigations, we discovered that he has been committing the same crimes for almost 20 years. So, given the seriousness of this man towards the students, we needed to curb his attitudes”, said the head delegate of the Specialized Police Station for Child and Adolescent Protection ( Depca), Joyce Coelho.

The delegate emphasized that, given this information, it is necessary for other victims to come to the police station to report it, as men over the age of 20 reported to the police authorities that they had been abused by the criminal during their childhood and adolescence.

“The crime has not yet expired, so the victims can go to the specialized unit and report everything that happened. Now the time has come for him to respond to criminality for all the damage caused to the integrity and safety of the teenagers”, he highlighted.

Volleyball coach suspected of raping athletes claimed more than 10 victims in Manaus

According to the delegate, possible negligence on the part of those responsible will also be investigated, as one of the teenagers has lived with the coach since he was 11 years old. However, it was also noticed that there is no collusion on the part of the majority of parents, on the contrary, there is an overconfidence in illusory promises.

Joyce declared that there is a possible omission on the part of the Amazon Volleyball Federation, as several victims formally reported it and the Federation only opened internal investigations, without removing the coach from his position, allowing him to have access to the students.

“We will inform the Federation so that they can clarify the situation for us and answer why they did not report the facts to the Judiciary Police, as well as forward the investigations to us”, he pointed out.

In a statement, the Amazon Volleyball Federation informed that the institution does not tolerate any type of harassment and the coach was suspended:

“Its professionals must have, in addition to the competence that the position requires, a commitment to personal conduct. While the authorities take the necessary measures, the FAV chooses to suspend the aforementioned coach from all official activities of this federation, as well as suspend him for an indefinite period the National coach registration in the National Registration System”, says the note.

The entity stated that it did not receive records that indicated the occurrence of the cases registered by the Civil Police: “The Amazon Volleyball Federation at no time, in search of any harmful attitude from a coach, found any type of occurrence that would make us aware of the disgusting attitudes involved”, says the institution.

Also in a statement, the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) said that it ordered the Amazon Volleyball Federation to immediately remove Walhederson Brandão Barbosa from his duties, and that it suspended his registration with the entity. “He cannot perform or participate in any official volleyball competition until the facts are properly investigated,” he said.

CBV also stated that it repudiates any type of harassment: “It works tirelessly for an environment guided by ethics and respect, and free from any type of violence or prejudice”, he concluded.

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