Ibaneis will increase the number of civic-military schools in DF


Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) announced yesterday, during the launch ceremony of the DF Mais Seguro program, at the DF Military Firefighter Academy, that he intends to increase the number of public schools with civic-military management.

The local chief executive praised the model, as did the public security councils. “We achieved something that was very difficult in the DF. I was president of the OAB-DF and monitored the distance between the security forces. And the secretariat was in a difficult situation, because the commanders had autonomy and it created a delicate situation. I took over the government with the mission of not only uniting the security forces, but also all government departments”, said Ibaneis Rocha.

The Federal District has 17 civic-military schools, four of which are shared management with the Ministry of Education and Defense. The federal government announced that it will end the program, but the GDF promised to keep the units operating. According to the government, approval of institutions is 87.7% among parents and students.

The Secretary of Public Security, Sandro Avelar, highlighted the importance of the DF Mais Seguro program, signed by Governor Ibaneis Rocha, yesterday morning, which aims to integrate actions and involve different bodies and civil society in favor of public security.

In 2022, the Federal District reached the lowest homicide rate in 46 years. In order to maintain this trend, especially in relation to crimes against life, the local public security policy was reformulated, initiating the integrated security program.

“We achieved something very difficult in the DF, integrating the security forces and reducing crime rates. Here, we live in a climate of social peace, compared to other capitals, such as São Paulo”, commented Ibaneis.

  • DF Mais Seguro brings together security forces and civil society on topics such as protecting women and peace in schools
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The initiative aims for medium and long-term returns, given that, according to the governor, his management works in a joint and well-articulated manner. “Since our first term, we have tried to integrate not only the DF’s security forces, but all the departments. We fight to make the DF’s population feel increasingly safer,” he declared. Finally, the head of the local Executive thanked the firefighters and military police present, who he defined as the best and most qualified in the country.

Sandro Avelar recalled that security is not only provided by State forces, there must be a contribution from the community. “We are working together and we are proud of it. But we need society, private companies and the press. All hand in hand, in the same direction, for a better DF”, he emphasized.

To exemplify the relevance of integrating the departments, Avelar recalled the alarming number of femicides in the DF, more than 25 this year alone. “All feminicide crimes were solved. Hence the importance of joining efforts to work preventively. After all, an employed woman has a better opportunity to escape a cycle of violence”, she highlighted.

The event was attended by governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), the vice-governor, Celina Leão (PP), the Secretary of Women, Giselle Ferreira; the president of the Legislative Chamber, Wellington Luiz (MDB); federal deputy Gilvan Máximo (Republicans); and district officials, such as Jane Klébia (MDB). The students of the music band from the civic-military school Centro Educacional 01, in Itapoã, also performed at the opening of the program.

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