Cornered by criticism, Dino blocks politicians and journalists on social media

Cornered by criticism, Dino blocks politicians and journalists on social media
Cornered by criticism, Dino blocks politicians and journalists on social media

Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino| Photo: Marcus Iahn/MJ

Cornered by criticism after a report revealed the meeting of secretaries from the Ministry of Justice with the “Amazonian drug lady”, the minister of the department, Flávio Dino, generated new controversy by blocking politicians and journalists on social media.

The list of the most recently blocked includes deputy Kim Kataguiri (União-SP), former deputy Paulo Eduardo Martins, the MBL coordinator, Amanda Vettorazzo, and the journalist from People’s GazettePaulo Polzonoff Jr.

Some of the minister’s enemies, such as deputies Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG), Carlos Jordy (PL-RJ), Marco Feliciano (PL-SP) and former deputy Janaína Paschoal, have been blocked since the beginning of the government. Feliciano’s block is even older and dates back to 2020.

When commenting on the minister’s attitude, Kataguiri quipped: “You can’t even ask impeachment of the guy he already looks like this”,

Blocks prevent those blocked from seeing the minister’s publications and making comments.

On Monday (13), Polzonoff published a chronicle in People’s Gazette in which he classifies the minister’s act as “authoritarian” and “useless”.

“Yes, Flávio Dino blocked me on Twitter. And, with this authoritarian gesture, in addition to being useless, he summarily prevented me from having direct access to his legal wisdom, his political cleverness and even his sense of humor, let’s say, sui generis. As a citizen, he prevented me from learning about the incredible achievements of his work in the department. If he had any, of course. As a journalist, he blocked my access, even if distant, to a federal government authority that I did not help to elect (are you crazy?!), but whose government I should monitor or analyze”, says an excerpt from the chronicle.

The MBL coordinator, Amanda Vettorazzo, said she was blocked after questioning the minister about the department’s connection with organized crime.

“That was the answer I got. Self explanatory. ForaDino ”,

“I went to Minister Flávio Dino’s profile to find out if he had spoken out about the Dama do CV scandal at the MJ. I discovered that I am blocked. Interesting that I have never interacted with the commissioner in this community,”

The minister’s actions on social media have even bothered allies. Very active, mainly on the social network X, Dino often uses irony and threats in his publications.

The minister’s response to the report Estadãowhich revealed the visit of the “drug lady” to the Palace of Justice, would have caused new internal discomfort in the government.

According to the newspaper Metropolises, Dino’s attitude towards the revelations would have earned him the title of “twitterer” within the government.

The minister’s quick response would have raised questions about the communication strategy in the face of delicate situations.

Infographics Gazeta do Povo[Clique para ampliar]

Infographics Gazeta do Povo[Clique para ampliar]

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