PF finds photo of embassy on cell phone of suspect linked to Hezbollah

PF finds photo of embassy on cell phone of suspect linked to Hezbollah
PF finds photo of embassy on cell phone of suspect linked to Hezbollah

Federal Police investigators found a photo of the Israeli Embassy, ​​located in Brasília, on the cell phone of one of the suspects linked to the terrorist group Hezbollah. However, the corporation’s teams point out that the image, in isolation, is not sufficient proof to conclude that the embassy would be the target of attacks.

So far, none of the suspects have admitted involvement with Hezbollah. However, they also do not explain, convincingly, what they went to do in Lebanon and how they paid for tickets and accommodation in the Middle Eastern country. The corporation’s teams acted preventively to prevent any attacks from occurring.

The decision to launch Operation Trapiche to comply with search and seizure and arrest warrants issued by the Federal Court of Minas Gerais occurred after evidence emerged that Jews could be targets of attacks in Brazil.

The steps taken so far, according to sources heard by the Mail, reveal that the citizens targeted by the operation were not involved in practical acts of terrorism. The suspects’ unequivocal involvement in the preparation of attacks has not yet been proven. The information that gave rise to the operation was passed on by the intelligence services of Israel and the United States.

Among those suspected of links to Hezbollah is a man from Brasilia who was detained at Guarulhos Airport, when returning from Beirut, Lebanon. The suspicion is that he went to the Middle Eastern country to receive guidance and training.

The prisoner denies involvement with any terrorist group or preparatory act for an attack. The investigations take place in three units of the Federation and target suspects of preparing terrorist acts, who would be in the recruitment phase of extremists to be paid to carry out attacks in several cities. The actions take place in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District.

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