Santa Catarina has 6,900 vacancies opened by Sine – ACN

Santa Catarina has 6,900 vacancies opened by Sine – ACN
Santa Catarina has 6,900 vacancies opened by Sine – ACN

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Santa Catarina has 6,953 job vacancies available through the National Employment System (Sine). Offers are available in several cities and include prerequisites from elementary to higher education. Of these vacancies, 343 are for people with disabilities (PwD).

“The Government of Santa Catarina works with actions that generate more opportunities and boost the state’s economy. Sine has this fundamental role of being the bridge between those looking for an opportunity and companies that offer vacancies”, says the Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services, Silvio Dreveck.

How to apply

To compete, candidates must look for one of more than 140 Sine units. To register in person, you must present personal documents, such as ID, CPF and work card.

Another possibility is to monitor vacancies via the Federal Government application Sine Fácil, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. There, the worker will be able to check job opportunities, apply for a vacancy and also apply for unemployment insurance. The same features are also available on the Emprega Brasil portal.

The director of Employment and Income at the Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Services (Sicos), Carlos Alberto Arns Filho, reinforces the importance of Sine in intermediating between companies and candidates and highlights the use of the application. “The application cross-references the vacancy profile with that of registered workers and sends a notification to anyone who is compatible with the vacancy. Therefore, it is important that people fill out all the requested information and always keep it updated. When downloading the app, the worker fills out a CV with all the information we ask for at the units”, says Arns.

List of Vacancies

Abelardo Luz 04
Araquari 69
Araranguá 302 14 PCD
Ascurra 03
Balneário Camboriú 432 02 PCD
Biguaçu 20
Blumenau 279 57 PCD
Northern Arm 80
Brusque 204 03 PCD
Hunter 17
Camboriú 35
Campos Novos 62
Canoinhas 13
Capinzal 29
Chapecó 194 05 PCD
Cocal do Sul 11
Concordia 150
Pinto 05 Strap
Criciúma 85 15 PCD
Curitibanos 26
Dionísio Cerqueira 154
Florianópolis 174 52 PCD
Little Fork 11
Fraiburgo 15
Garopaba 111 02 PCD
Garuva 67
Gaspar 33 01 PCD
Tie 08
Ibirama 31
Içara 54
Imbituba 26
Indaial 61 01 PCD
Itaiópolis 40 01 PCD
Itajai 173
Itapema 183
Ituporanga 03
Jaguaruna 48 01 PCD
South jaragua
Joaçaba 93 08 PCD
Joinville 298 75 PCD
Lages 90 02 PCD
Lagoon 51
Lauro Muller 02
Mafra 87 02 PCD
Wonder 02
Mondai 02
Morro da Fumaça 146 01 PCD
Navigators 128
New Venice 28
Palhoça 35
Papanduva 07
Penha 71
Pomerode 07
Porto União 29
Praia Grande 04
Rio do Sul 107 04 PCD
Rio Negrinho 139 02 PCD
São Bento do Sul 81 15 PCD
São Francisco do Sul 24
Saint John the Baptist 18
Saint Joachim 30
São José 473 12 PCD
São Miguel do ́Oeste 450 01 PCD
Seara 216 63 PCD
Siderópolis 24
Tijucas 753 01 PCD
Timbo 65
Shark 181 03 PCD
Turbid 13
Vine 47
Xanxerê 55

Text: Pablo Mingoti

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