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An Administrative Process was initiated this Tuesday, 14th, by the Representation of the State Department of Education of Cruzeiro do Sul against the History teacher, Roniele Oliveira, who should have his provisional contract terminated.

In September of this year, he was filmed in a sexual act with a 15-year-old student at the Flodoardo Cabral School, where he taught. His contract was terminated, but he returned to teach at two schools in Cruzeiro do Sul, through another selection process. .

With the report of the case at the Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women and Protection of Children and Adolescents – DEMPCA, and the repercussion of the case, the representation of the SEE in Cruzeiro began the process of the second expulsion of the teacher from its staff.

“The contract will be terminated. The measures for this formalization are being taken”, cited the Communications Office of the State Department of Education of Acre.

The case

The teacher, who identifies himself on social media as Ronny Oliveira, was filmed in a sexual act with a young man believed to be 15 years old, in a forested area in Cruzeiro do Sul. The video was made in September this year and the young man who appears In the images he would be a student of Ronny, at Escola Flodoardo Cabral, where he taught at the time. Another of Ronny’s students would be the author of the video.

According to the representation coordination of the State Department of Education in Cruzeiro do Sul, shortly after the video was published by students on social networks, the teacher was returned to the Coordination by Escola Flodoardo Cabral and his contract was terminated. But he is now working in two schools in the state education network, Dom Henrique Ruth, in the city and Juarez Ibernon, in Br364, a rural area of ​​the municipality.

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