Minas Gerais is well evaluated in transparency research


Minas is in the range of entities that achieved between 95% and 100% of the score, above the country’s average, which is 57.92%,

Credit: Gil Leonardi/Imprensa MG

Research carried out by the Audit Courts (TCs), through the Association of Members of the Audit Courts of Brazil (Atricon), classified the transparency of the Executive Branch of the State of Minas Gerais as diamond, placing Minas in the highest classification proposed by the institution.

While the average transparency performance of public portals in Brazil is 57.92%, Minas is in the range of entities that achieved between 95% and 100% of the score.

“In the evaluation carried out last year, the transparency of the Minas Gerais Executive reached 93.68% points (gold level). The result was satisfactory, but highlighted the need to make improvements to the Transparency Portal. We worked to meet the requirements and, this year, we achieved a score of 98.51%, occupying the diamond level”, explains the deputy controller of Transparency, Integrity and Social Control at the State Comptroller General (CGE), Soraia Dias.

“The Government of Minas Gerais and CGE work together to make public data increasingly accessible to citizens of Minas Gerais”, explains the State Controller General, Rodrigo Fontenelle.

“The CGE understands that transparency is one of the most important tools for combating corruption and for the efficient management of the public sector”, he concluded.


Also according to Atricon’s Transparency Index, Minas Gerais is one of the units of the Federation with the most transparent public portals, with an average of 75.12%, adding up the performance of the Three Powers (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary).

The research analyzed 8,045 portals from the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches, TCs, Public Ministries and Public Defenders, from the three spheres of government: Union, states, municipalities and the Federal District, in addition to indirect federal administration entities.

The data was presented, on Monday (13), by the coordinator of the National Public Transparency Program (PNTP), Antonio Joaquim, and by the members of the Transparency Working Group (GT), Risodalva Castro and Volmar Bucco Júnior, during the Seminar Transparency in focus.

The study, in its second edition, is promoted by Atricon in conjunction with the Federal Audit Courts (TCU) and the State of Mato Grosso (TCE-MT).

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