Deputies ask for CPI on meetings between Comando Vermelho leader’s wife and Dino’s assistants

Deputies ask for CPI on meetings between Comando Vermelho leader’s wife and Dino’s assistants
Deputies ask for CPI on meetings between Comando Vermelho leader’s wife and Dino’s assistants

BRASÍLIA – A group of 37 parliamentarians from Chamber of Deputies signed a request to create a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) after the Estadão reveal that Luciane Barbosa Fariaswife of a criminal faction leader Red Commandparticipated in two hearings at the Justice ministryheaded by the minister Flavio Dino.

The request is authored by the deputy Colonel Ulysses (União-AC) and calls for the creation of a CPI to investigate “alleged meetings held by members of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security with members of narco criminal organizations”.

According to Ulysses, the CPI’s objective is to investigate the agendas of the federal government in which Luciane was present and to examine “how the actions of supposed non-governmental organizations that serve the interests of narcocriminal organizations take place.” Luciane Barbosa presents herself as president of the NGO Instituto Liberdade do Amazonas (ILA), which says, on its website, that it works in favor of the human rights of prisoners. For the Civil Police of Amazonas, however, the entity is financed by Comando Vermelho and would act in favor of the interests of those involved.

For the CPI to be established in the Chamber, the request must be supported by 171 of the 513 deputies. 13 of the 37 parliamentarians who have already signed the request are part of parties that form the basis of the president’s government Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), but they have individually acted in the opposition, with 7 of the Union Brazil2 of PP It’s from MDB and 1 of PSD It is Republicans.

List of deputies who signed the request to create the CPI

  • Alberto Fraga (PL-DF)
  • Bia Kicis (PL-DF)
  • Captain Alberto Neto (PL-AM)
  • Carla Zambelli (PL-SP)
  • Colonel Chrisóstomo (PL-RO)
  • Colonel Assis (União-MT)
  • Colonel Meira (PL-PE)
  • Colonel Ulysses (União-RO)
  • Cristiane Lopes (União-RO)
  • Daniela Reinehr (PL-SC)
  • Delegate Éder Mauro (PL-PA)
  • Delegate Palumbo (MDB-SP)
  • Delegate Fabio Costa (PP-AL)
  • General Girão (PL-RN)
  • Gerlen Diniz (PP-AC)
  • Gilvan from Federal (PL-ES)
  • Gustavo Gayer (PL-GO)
  • Kim Kataguiri (União-SP)
  • Marcelo Álvaro Antônio (PL-MG)
  • Marcos Pollon (PL-MS)
  • Mario Frias (PL-SP)
  • Mauricio do Vôlei (PL-MG)
  • Mauricio Marcon (Podemos-RS)
  • Mendonça Filho (União-PE)
  • Pastor Eurico (PL-PE)
  • Paulo Bilynskyj (PL-SP)
  • Roberto Duarte (Republicans-AC)
  • Rodolfo Nogueira (PL-MS)
  • Rodrigo Valadares (União-SE)
  • Rosângela Moro (União-SP)
  • Sergeant Fahur (PSD-PR)
  • Sergeant Gonçalves (PL-RN)
  • Sanderson (PL-RS)
  • Thiago Flores (MDB-RO)
  • Zé Trovão (PL-SC)

Another urgent requirement is collecting signatures in the Chamber of Deputies. Authored by the deputy Amon Mandel (Cidadania-AM), the text asks the House to investigate “any sign of collaboration or collusion between ministerial authorities, political office holders and criminal organizations represents a direct threat to public security”. To date, Mandel’s initiative has received support from seven parliamentarians.

Appointed as a member of Comando Vermelho and responsible for laundering drug money, Luciane Barbosa met with four authorities from the Ministry of Justice. In March, she sat down with the National Secretary of Legislative Affairs, Elias Vaz. In May, she met with Rafael Velasco Brandani, head of the National Secretariat for Penal Policies (Senappen); Paula Cristina da Silva Godoy, National Penal Services Ombudsman (Onasp); and Sandro Abel Sousa Barradas, director of Penitentiary Intelligence.

The Ministry of Justice claims that the ‘Amazonian drug lady’ was an escort at the meetings and that it was “impossible” for the intelligence sector to detect her presence in advance.

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