Federal Police Rescue Young Victims of Sexual Exploitation in Cruzeiro in Rio


On Monday morning, 13/11, the Federal Police carried out a rescue operation that resulted in the release of four young people, between 18 and 21 years old, suspected of being victims of sexual exploitation on a cruise in Angra dos Reis/RJ.

The event organizer was arrested in the act, facing serious charges related to kidnapping, sexual harassment, sexual harassment and human trafficking.

Operation Details:

  • Victim Rescue: Four young women, hired as models, were rescued after reports of suspicious conditions on the cruise.
  • Illicit Actions: The victims were targets of grooming, receiving suspicious drinks and being monitored, with no external communication permitted.
  • Contact with the Family: One of the young women gained access to a telephone and contacted her family, who called the Federal Police.

Arrest of the Organizer:

  • Flagrant: The person responsible for the event was arrested red-handed during the operation.
  • Serious Charges: The organizer may be liable for kidnapping, false imprisonment, sexual harassment, sexual harassment and human trafficking.

Developments and Inquiry:

  • Referral of Victims: The young women were taken to the Federal Police Station in Angra dos Reis and sent to the IML for examinations.
  • Continuity of Investigations: The investigation is underway to determine the possible participation of other people in the crime.

Conclusion: The Federal Police’s action in Angra dos Reis resulted in the rescue of young victims of sexual exploitation on a cruise, with the arrest of the event organizer. The unfolding of investigations is crucial to identify others involved and ensure that justice is served.

The article is in Portuguese


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