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Twenty-one criminals are arrested in an operation to combat homicides in Rio Grande do Sul

With the support of the Military Brigade, the Civil Police launched, on the morning of this Thursday (9), Operation Cold Blood to combat homicides committed by a criminal faction in Rio Grande do Sul. Twenty-one criminals were arrested.

The police officers served 20 preventive arrest warrants, one temporary arrest warrant and 66 search and seizure warrants in Porto Alegre, Cachoeirinha, Alvorada, Novo Hamburgo, Canoas, Santa Cruz do Sul, Sapucaia do Sul, Cidreira and Criciúma (SC). A pistol, three revolvers, portions of cocaine and cell phones were seized.

The operation was carried out in response to a massacre that occurred on May 14th in Vila São Borja, in the Sarandi neighborhood, in the North Zone of Porto Alegre. On that occasion, five people were killed with extreme cruelty and five others were injured. The victims were placed on their knees and turned onto their backs before being shot. The murders are related to drug trafficking.

According to delegate Thiago Zaidan, the killers belong to “a criminal organization operating in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, with great offensive power and responsible for several deaths, in addition to the commission of other crimes”.

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