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In anticipation of the thirteenth salary in 2023, state employees in Alagoas already have an estimate of the likely date of receiving this benefit. The legislation determines that the thirteenth must be paid in two installments, due by November 30th (1st installment) and December 20th (2nd installment).

The thirteenth bonus, also known as Christmas bonus, is an annual right guaranteed to workers governed by the CLT and public servants, as established by Law 4,090 of 1962. It is a legal obligation for both companies and the State.

In the previous year, in Alagoas, payment was made in a single installment on December 15th. However, starting next year, new legislation approved in October this year determines that the thirteenth will be paid in the server’s birthday month.

The payment schedule is as follows:

  • 1st installment: until November 30th (no discounts);
  • 2nd installment: until December 20th (with a discount on Income Tax Withheld at Source – IRRF – and the National Social Security Institute – INSS).

The calculation of the thirteenth salary is carried out by dividing the worker’s total remuneration (including overtime, commissions, tips, night shift pay, unhealthy work pay and dangerous work pay) by 12 months.

It is important to highlight that payment will be in full for those who worked from January to December or in cases of maternity leave. However, when an employee is away on sick leave, the thirteenth amount will be proportional to the time actually worked.

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