FAEC celebrates Alagoas’ historic participation in the 2023 Brazilian School Games

FAEC celebrates Alagoas’ historic participation in the 2023 Brazilian School Games
FAEC celebrates Alagoas’ historic participation in the 2023 Brazilian School Games

FAEC celebrates Alagoas’ historic participation in the 2023 Brazilian School Games

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The Alagoas School Sports Federation (FAEC) celebrates Alagoas’ historic participation in the 2023 edition of the Brazilian School Games (Jeb’s), which took place in Brasília from October 26th to November 9th.

The state delegation was one of the largest in the history of school games to participate in the event. The members traveled with all expenses paid, including plane tickets, accommodation, food, uniforms and transportation to the test sites, paid for by FAEC, through the Brazilian Confederation of School Sports (CBDE), in partnership with the Federal Government.

This ensured peace of mind for student-athletes who had extraordinary performance during competitions. There were more than 40 medals won over the two weeks of competition.

”Equality of opportunities is what has made School Sports in Alagoas grow a lot. With this issue of CBDE paying for tickets, in addition to other benefits, it allows us to participate in events. In this way, Alagoas has managed to improve its participation every year, both in terms of quantity and technical quality. We are starting to see the results now, with this number of medals. It is thanks to this system where everyone can participate, regardless of the economic power of the states. And Alagoas is starting to stand out because it is a breeding ground for great sporting talents”, said the president of FAEC, Iran Cãndido.

Athletes aged 12 to 14 participated who won places during the Alagoas School Games (JEAL). They were able to enjoy sporting, social and cultural experiences during the competitions. Moments that only sport can provide in the formation of citizenship for these young people.

Jeb’s is the most anticipated event of the year for both participants and those who support and encourage school sports.

Alagoas competed in 18 sports, 13 of which were individual (athletics, adapted athletics, badminton, cycling, judo, karate, swimming, taekwondo, table tennis, wrestling and chess in the women’s and men’s suits and rhythmic gymnastics in the women’s suit) and 5 collective events (basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball and beach volleyball for women and men).

Some achievements guaranteed places for international competitions, as was the case in athletics, where students Maiza da Silva and Johnata Vinicius were called up for the Sulamericano Escolar in Chile, in December.



The Brazilian School Games (JEBS) are the main school competition in the country. The event provides student-athletes with the development of sports values, sports and cultural exchange and the chance to become professional athletes.

This year the event was attended by almost 10 thousand people. JEBS are carried out by CBDE with support from the Federal Government.

In total, there were 26 competition venues, encouraging social interaction and sports in Brazilian schools. All Brazilian states and the Federal District were represented.

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