Luciane Ceretta is recognized as a National Outstanding Santa Catarina Leader


Alameda Casa Rosa, in Florianópolis, was the stage, on the night of Wednesday, 8th, for the Leaders Award ceremony – LIDE Santa Catarina, the largest multisectoral recognition in the state. Among those awarded, the rector of Unesc and president of the Santa Catarina Association of Educational Foundations (Acafe), Luciane Bisognin Ceretta, who stood out in the “National Highlight Santa Catarina Leadership” category.

Luciane’s leading role during the processing of the State Government project “Free University”, her contribution to science being recognized nationally with the Women in Science Award and her leadership at the Institution recognized among the most entrepreneurial Universities in the country were fundamental for this recognition .

Upon receiving the honor, Luciane expressed her deep gratitude. “This recognition represents a collective cause in favor of science and quality education. It is the result of hard work in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do and the struggles we undertake. I want to dedicate this Award to everyone who actively collaborates to raise these significant flags, whether at the University or at Acafe. The achievement is the result of collective effort and the commitment of each individual involved in this noble cause,” she said.

The dean, also a member of the National and State Education Councils, highlighted the fundamental role of LIDE SC in projecting companies in Santa Catarina and recognizing leaders who positively impact the state. “This award inspires us to move forward, always committed to development, excellent education and leadership in science. More than an achievement, it is a recognition of the power of the collective,” she expressed.

The Leaders Award is considered the Oscar in the corporate world and represents the greatest national recognition of the talent, competence and commitment of leaders in favor of a better and more competitive Brazil. The LIDE initiative highlights management efficiency, innovation and sustainability practices, social responsibility and governance.

The president of LIDE, Delton Batista, highlighted the importance of the night. “It’s the night when the leaders who make a difference are honored, those who contribute to the State’s and Brazil’s GDP. It is essential to use these examples as inspiration for other companies, for other people and for the development of the State,” he said.

He also highlighted that the recognition of the rector and president of Acafe is intrinsically linked to her significant contribution, especially on three important fronts: organizational leadership at Unesc, the role in defending the cause and in promoting the Free University project, which positively impacts the society, and its contribution to national science, evidenced by projects related to women in science. “It is for all these sets of attributes that LIDE gave it the title and recognition as Nationally Outstanding Santa Catarina Leadership 2023”, he highlighted.

The voting process for the Leaders Award was carried out in two stages, involving more than five thousand leaders from Santa Catarina, including businesspeople, CEOs, authorities, institutions, C-Level executives, Third Sector institutions, employer unions and corporate federations.

The 2023 edition of the Santa Catarina Leaders Award stood out for bringing together a diverse body of more than five thousand leaders who play crucial roles throughout the state, made up of members and representatives of LIDE SC, representatives of business entities operating in the state, opinion makers and specialized press, in addition to new categories in tune with the demands of the new economy.

The award ceremony was divided into five blocks: Sector Leader Award, Special ESG Award, Highlight Award, Individual Awards and special honors.

The voting process for the Leaders Award was carried out in two stages: in the first, the finalist companies and professionals were nominated by affiliates, opinion makers and a commission made up of representatives from LIDE SC and business entities operating in the state. The second stage was coordinated by the judging committee, which selected three finalists by categories and subcategories. The winner of the category and subcategory was the finalist who obtained the highest number of points in this second stage.

The winner of each category received the Santa Catarina Leaders Award 2023 trophy, symbolized by the lion, a strategic animal that reveals strength, vigor, courage, wisdom and calculates its movements to act at the right time and achieve its objectives.

Photo: Disclosure/Unesc


Unesc is also the ambassador of the Education for the Future Movement, promoted by LIDE. The partnership aims to connect companies, local governments, educational institutions, startups, non-governmental organizations and leaders to carry out transformative actions in the face of the challenges of education and specialized professional training.


The Business Leaders Group (LIDE) is an organization that brings together executives from the most varied sectors, forming an ecosystem of companies that represent more than 52% of the country’s private GDP.

LIDE seeks to strengthen free initiative for economic and social development, as well as the defense of ethical principles of governance in the public and private spheres.

Present on five continents and with more than two dozen areas of activity, the group has regional and international units with the purpose of enhancing the activities of business people in building an ethical, developed and globally competitive society.

Text: Daniela Savi/Agecom Unesc

Photos: Lide SC

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