Video: Truck passes over a construction site that had been closed by Boa Vista City Hall

Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

A truck unloading goods at a supermarket in the south of Boa Vista this Thursday (9) was spotted by residents as it passed over a construction site that had been closed a few days ago. In the video, residents described the action as “clowning” and a “joke”. With the maneuver carried out by the driver, he destroyed the construction site. See below:

The incident took place at the intersection between Sebastião Diniz and Surumu avenues, in the São Vicente neighborhood. The Municipal Department of Urban Security and Traffic (SMST) had closed the construction sites in this section and in two other points in the neighborhood: on Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco and Avenida Nossa Senhora da Consolata and the last on Avenida Getúlio Vargas and Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco.

According to Secretary Jullyerre Pablo, the objective of the changes is to reduce accidents and ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. “During and after services, drivers must use the nearest return. The measure maintains pedestrian crossings,” he explained.

The reporter tried to contact the supermarket’s management, but there was no response until the article was written.

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