IMM and New Life expand operations in the state of Amazonas


This is a milestone within the Amazonas prison system and reflects the efforts of the State Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) in the process of resocializing inmates. These free courses are offered in web series format and in-person lectures by New Life, co-manager of the two prison units, in partnership with Instituto Mundo Melhor.

Since the beginning of the personal development program, the three most popular courses among interns were “Trial by Fire”, “The art of planning strategies” and “Marketing on social networks”. With an average workload of 5 hours per module, certified by the Woli Management Faculty (FGW), in Araxá (MG), the courses train students to work in the areas of secretarial, administration, technology, hospitality and social assistance, among others.

“This is another project that we take to the prison units where we are present for the personal and professional development of those re-educated, with the aim of accelerating their resocialization processes. Therefore, the courses address behavioral, relational and organizational issues, in addition to technical knowledge necessary to carry out work activities. This way, the re-educated students become safer and more qualified for their reintegration into society”, explains Alexsander Batista, general manager of New Life Serviços.

In addition to free courses, re-educating students from CDPMs I and II also have access to undergraduate courses (bachelor’s degree, licentiate degree and technologist) that guarantee professional training and remission of one day of sentence for every 12 hours of studies.

About New Life

With a solid partnership with the MM Institute in prison units, New Life Serviços was created to work in the area of ​​Prison Comanagement, applying cutting-edge technology to security of assets and providing assistance in the safety of people. Its operational methodologies focus on the recovery, resocialization and protagonism of those re-educated, with the aim of training citizens capable of remaking their lives with more dignity, confidence and self-esteem. New Life Serviços operates throughout the national territory and, today, is responsible for the co-management of the Male Provisional Detention Centers I and II (CDPMs I and II), in Manaus (AM), the Palmas Regional Penal Unit and the of Barra da Grota Penal Treatment (UTPBG), both in Tocantins, the Alagoas Maximum Security Penitentiary (PensM), in Maceió, and 123 prison units in Paraná (PR).

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