The Gazette | Chamber in ES approves R$500 food allowance for councilors


The project is signed by the President of the House and is co-authored by all other parliamentarians; Voting took place on Wednesday (8)

Published on November 9, 2023 at 2:20 pm

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Unanimously, councilors from Itarana, in the Northwest of Espírito Santo, approved a bill (PL) that grants food assistance to themselves, in the amount of R$500. The vote took place during Wednesday’s session (8 ). The proposal was authored by the President of the House, Edvan Piorotti de Queiroz (PMN), and was co-authored by all other parliamentarians. The city has nine councilors.

Voting — which was broadcast on YouTube — began at around 1:35 p.m. Whoever agreed should remain seated. After two minutes, no one stood up to demonstrate their opposition to the project. The report did not have access to the list of how many parliamentarians were present.

Itarana seen from above. (Itarana City Hall)

When consulting the Itarana City Council website, it was not possible to access the proposal in full, because it appears that the file has not yet been made available for viewing. The PL was presented on October 25th and, in the search, only progress documents can be seen, which do not provide further information about the motivation for the proposal.

In a note, the Chamber informed that the granting of food assistance was discussed with the House’s Legal Advisory Department and has a legal basis in the recent jurisprudence of the Espírito Santo Court of Auditors (TCES). He also highlighted that the State Legislative Assembly (Ales) and several other Municipal Chambers already pay the benefit to their parliamentarians.

Asked about access to the project in full, the Chamber informed that it would be necessary to request it together with the protocol or through a request for information through the House Ombudsman’s Office.

According to the Transparency Portal, Itarana councilors receive a salary of R$2,951.45. The president earns R$3,534.70.

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