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The State Secretariat for Public Security (SSP) swore in on the night of this Wednesday, 8th, the new board of directors of the Community Security Council (Conseg) of Bombinhas, North Coast of Santa Catarina. After an inactive period, the Council was reactivated at a time when efforts are being made to strengthen community police activities by State Public Security.

A ceremony was held by the SSP to mark the event. The new directors, SSP, Military Police, Civil Police, Military Fire Department, Scientific Police, the State Coordination of Community Police and Consegs of the SSP, other authorities, representatives of the City Hall, City Council, Public Ministry, among other bodies participated. and guests.

Participants praised the initiative in search of another way to solve community problems and improve safety.

“We are aware of our responsibility and our expectations are very high. In addition to the effort, Conseg is a link between the community’s desires and the public security forces”, stated the president of Conseg, Valter Saldanha Gonçalves, who spoke on behalf of those inducted.


The vice-mayor of Bombinhas, Alexandre da Silva, highlighted the importance of Conseg for the city and the excellent services provided by the police in protecting the population.

For the Secretary of State for Public Security, Paulo Cezar Ramos de Oliveira, strengthening Conseg means progress through integration work with municipalities. “The priorities of the municipalities are being sought and Conseg is one of the main tools for dialogue with the security forces, having an extraordinary mission in the essential gear for public security”, he pointed out.

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