Justice frees student who attacked Victor Meyniel and orders accused to wear electronic ankle bracelet | Police Cases

Justice frees student who attacked Victor Meyniel and orders accused to wear electronic ankle bracelet | Police Cases
Justice frees student who attacked Victor Meyniel and orders accused to wear electronic ankle bracelet | Police Cases

Judge Flávio Itabaiana de Oliveira Nicolau, head of the 27th Criminal Court of the Capital, revoked the preventive detention of student Yuri de Moura Alexandre, who is accused of attacking actor Victor Meyniel Rocha. By order of the judge, Yuri is obliged to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and hand over his passport to the Court, being prohibited from leaving the country. Meyniel was beaten by the student on September 2, at the entrance of the building where Yuri lives, in Copacabana.

  • Beaten in the building: Actor Victor Meyniel is a victim of homophobia in Copacabana, Rio
  • Victor Meyniel: actor has already reported aggression due to homophobia when leaving a festival in 2017

The magistrate accepted the request to revoke the arrest made by Yuri’s defense, at Tuesday’s hearing, after the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the victim’s lawyer agreed. Flávio Itabaiana determined that Yuri will have to comply with the following measures:

  • electronic monitoring, considering the address indicated in yesterday’s hearing;
  • monthly appearance in court (until the 10th) to inform and justify their activities;
  • prohibition of maintaining contact, in any way, with the victim Victor Meyniel Rocha and his family;
  • prohibition on being absent from this district without authorization from the court;
  • home collection at night and on days off;
  • and prohibition on being absent from the country, having to hand over the passport to the Court and communicate the decision to the PF.

At the hearing, the victim, Victor Meyniel and eight witnesses testified, five of whom were called by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and three by the defense. Then, the defendant, Yuri de Moura Alexandre, was interrogated.

  • Assault on actor: Unpublished images show that the actor was punched 42 times in 37 seconds

At the end of the hearing, the judge considered that the arrest was no longer necessary because Yuri proved that he is a medical student and has a permanent residence in Rio, in addition to being a first-time offender and has a good record, having no “history of aggressions, offenses or of involvement in any type of confusion, thus indicating that their freedom does not pose a risk to society.”

Remember the case

Victor Meyniel was attacked after leaving a party in Copacabana with Yuri, who had invited him to his home. There, they would have had moments of intimacy until, according to the actor, Karina would have arrived and left Yuri embarrassed, uncomfortable with the situation.

  • Witness against Victor Meyniel: ‘He spoke in my ear, hit my hair’, reports app driver

At one point, an argument allegedly began and the actor was violently thrown out. The situation worsened at the entrance, when Yuri attacked Victor by punching him in the face and head. Doorman Gilmar José Agostini watched the beating without intervening. To GLOBO, the actor said, on Monday, that Gilmar helped him to get up just because he was “in the way”.

Actor Victor Meyniel is a victim of homophobia in Copacabana, Rio

Doorman’s omission

In the footage from the building’s security cameras, it is possible to see that the doorman sits and watches the attacks against the actor and, just about two minutes later, helps the victim to get up.

At 8:21 am, Yuri appears at the entrance of his building, which is on Rua Siqueira Campos, in Copacabana. A few seconds later, Victor arrives at the scene and the two start to argue. Gilmar appears sitting in his chair the entire time, observing the fight. About three minutes later, Yuri starts attacking Victor, who falls to the ground. The actor is punched for two minutes. Only after the attacks stop does Gilmar get up, go to Victor and lift him off the ground. As soon as he takes the victim off the floor, the doorman returns to his seat and sits down.

Attacker could face up to 11 years in prison

If convicted, Yuri de Moura could face up to 11 years in prison. The attack, which occurred on September 2, was recorded by surveillance cameras in the building’s lobby.

The defense of actor Victor Meyniel believes that the episode of violence he suffered may have been motivated by the public exposure of the attacker’s sexuality. According to lawyer Maíra Fernandes, who defends Meyniel in criminal matters, the artist had asked, at the building’s entrance, if “no one knew” about Yuri de Moura Alexandre’s sexual orientation. During the beating, Yuri reportedly stated: “I’m not a faggot. [sic]. You are the one.”

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