Linda Brasil talks about the importance of culture for society

Linda Brasil talks about the importance of culture for society
Linda Brasil talks about the importance of culture for society

By Wênia Bandeira/Alese News Agency

Representative Linda Brasil (Psol) took to the Tribune, this Thursday (9), to talk mainly about the importance of culture for society as a whole. The parliamentarian used the Pequeno and Grande Expedientes to debate issues in this regard.

Linda Brasil mentioned the holding of the 3rd State Culture Conference. The event’s theme is ‘Integrated Construction for Sergipe’s Culture – Priorities and challenges and is scheduled to take place on November 22nd, at Teatro Atheneu.

“The municipal stages have already taken place, but in a very poorly organized way, especially in Aracaju. It was at the last minute because the deadline was already running out, as the notices and projects to be covered by the Paulo Gustavo Law needed conferences to be held. There was not a large participation of the population of Aracaju, Aracaju only took three delegates and small municipalities took five or six”, he added.

The deputy said that the Culture Working Group (GT) under her mandate held a debate with culture makers to discuss topics that were not raised at the Conference. Participants spoke about the need for assistance to the São Cristóvão Arts Festival (FASC) and also about adjustments to notices that were not in compliance with the law and needed to be reviewed.

The statements took place during the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly of Sergipe.

Social assistance

The parliamentarian also highlighted the second day of the 15th Sergipe State Social Assistance Conference, which is being held this Thursday. The meeting brings together people from all over the state in the capital Aracaju.

“The proposals coming from Sergipe’s municipalities deal with various aspects of the single social assistance system, such as financing, social control, services, benefits, among others. They are users, workers and social assistance organizations collectively evaluating the proposals and voting with a focus on ensuring progress for social assistance in the state”, he stated.

The proposals cite the need to hold public competitions, state co-financing in assistance, guarantee permanent education and the internalization of policies mainly for politically represented minorities.

Photo: Joel Luiz/Alese News Agency

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