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Defendant Wemerson Silva dos Santos was sentenced to 19 years and three months in prison for the stone-murder of Margarida Pastoura da Conceição. The crime took place in April 2017 in the municipality of Dois Riachos, in the interior of Alagoas. The popular jury was led this Wednesday (8), by judge Wilians Alencar Coelho Júnior, from the Único Ofício de Cacimbinhas Court.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPAL) complaint, the crime was motivated by the fact that the victim broke a drink bottle belonging to the defendant and a friend and then ran. Margarida was intellectually disabled.

When calculating the penalty, the reason was considered futile, cruel and a resource that made the victim’s defense difficult. The magistrate kept the defendant in prison and he must serve his sentence in an initial closed regime.


According to MPAL, the accused was drinking with a friend, Robson Luiz da Silva, who would also have participated in the execution of the crime, when the victim, known to be disabled, broke a bottle of the accused’s brandy (“51”) and ran .

In retaliation, says the indictment, the accused went to an alley, known as “Beco do Nelson”, and began throwing stones at Margarida until she was lying on the ground and bleeding. Then, Wemerson and Robson approached and realized that the victim was still alive, so one of them threw a cobblestone at the woman’s head, which caused her death.

After committing the crime, the accused fled, but Robson was captured and confessed to the crime, stating that he acted together with Wemerson. Robson remains detained in precautionary detention.

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