Need to distance yourself from the left, Bolsonaro tells deputies

Need to distance yourself from the left, Bolsonaro tells deputies
Need to distance yourself from the left, Bolsonaro tells deputies

Former president stated that congressmen from the base need to “take a position” regarding the conflict between Hamas and Israel

Former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) stated this Wednesday (November 8, 2023) that deputies need “distance yourself from the left” in the National Congress. The statement was made in a meeting with congressmen opposing the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and the Israeli ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Zonshine.

Bolsonaro said that “no one wants violence against” Lula’s base, but consider it necessary there is a distance” in Congress. He also stated that base deputies need “to position” regarding the war in the Middle East.

The former president went to Caixa Baixa to analyze the images released by the Israeli government of the Hamas attack on October 7. On October 19, part of the video, an 11-minute excerpt, was published on Poder360. The images until then were captured mainly on roads and in kibbutzim. Kibbutzim are community farms that are very common in the south of the country, close to the Gaza Strip.

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“What we see here, unfortunately, are people who have no regard for human beings acting. I understand that we should put our hands on our heads”said Bolsonaro in a speech.

The former president said that there is still possibility of reacting and putting these people in their place”.

Bolsonaro once again criticized the position of the Lula government and his base of congressmen regarding the war between Israel and Hamas.

“WEveryone acts as they think they should, but the left would never again have a vote from me in this House if I were a parliamentarian.”stated the former chief executive.

Bolsonaro’s speech was posted by his son and federal deputy, Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL). The congressman published the footage on his official profile on X (ex-Twitter).

“There are women set on fire, babies disfigured, ladies hiding under tables and terrorists taking selfie videos murdering them in cold blood. I never imagined that our generation would see something like this. Hamas is at least on the same level as the Nazis. Hamas = ISIS”wrote Eduardo.


The Israel Defense Forces released on October 18 a video with images of the attack by the paramilitary group Hamas on Israel on October 7. The offensive started the war, which has killed at least 11,352 people as of Sunday (Nov 5), the majority of whom are Palestinians.

Read the description of the images from the almost 11-minute video:

  • from 5s to 3min8s – images from security cameras and equipment installed inside cars show extremists entering Israeli communities; they shoot people who were inside cars and those who were running away from the shots;
  • from 3min12 to 8min10 – images recovered from the extremists’ own cameras show the moment they enter Israeli communities in the south of the country and invade homes; one of them shoots out the tires of a parked ambulance. Around 8 minutes into the video, it is possible to hear an alarm, triggered by Hamas rockets;
  • from 8min13s to 10min49s – images recorded by the first Israeli teams that arrived in the attacked communities. Bodies appear lying on the ground, house rooms filled with blood and a charred car with at least 3 bodies inside.

NOTICE: The images released by Israel are extremely strong.

Watch (11min5s):

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