Last day to regularize defaulters under the Aldir Blanc Alagoas Law

Last day to regularize defaulters under the Aldir Blanc Alagoas Law
Last day to regularize defaulters under the Aldir Blanc Alagoas Law

The deadline for proponents to regularize their pending issues regarding the Aldir Blanc Alagoas Law ends this Wednesday (8). Defaulters will have the chance to adjust their accounts and compensation, specifically related to the projects included in the cultural notices.

The notices in question cover several areas, such as music, performing arts, visual arts, photography, design, fashion, digital culture, theater, dance, circus, opera, audiovisual and cultural production.

See the notices:

Notice nº 14/2020 – Award notice for the selection of projects that promote Actions for the Transmission of knowledge and techniques focused on Cultural Heritage;

Notice No. 16/2020 – Award notice for Documentation and Dissemination of Cultural Goods;

Notice No. 17/2020 – Zailton Sarmento Award – Award notice for initiatives in the Music segment;

Notice No. 18/2020 – Vera Arruda Award – Award Notice for the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Photography, Design, Fashion and Digital Culture Segments;

Notice No. 19/2020 – Eric Valdo Award – Award notice for the Performing Arts, Theatre, Dance, Circus and Opera segment;

Notice No. 20/2020 – Elinaldo Barros Award – Award notice for the audiovisual segment in Alagoas;

Notice No. 21/2020 – Dinho Oliveira Award – Cultural Production – Award notice for cultural producers.

The Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy, Mellina Freitas, emphasized the relevance of this new opportunity. “We are offering a new chance to selected defaulters to regularize their situation. We understand that adverse circumstances may have made it difficult to fulfill our obligations. This is a way of supporting the cultural community and reinforces our commitment to art and creativity in Alagoas”.

For clarifications and more information about the regularization process, interested parties can contact us by email at [email protected].

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