‘jewelry’ seized in robbery investigation is costume jewelry, police say

‘jewelry’ seized in robbery investigation is costume jewelry, police say
‘jewelry’ seized in robbery investigation is costume jewelry, police say

Bianca and Bruna Biancardi, sisters, with baby Mavie

Photo: Instagram/@bibiancardi / Estadão

The Civil Police of São Paulo reported this Wednesday, 8th, that the ‘jewelry’ seized at the address linked to one of the suspects in the robbery of the influencer’s parents’ residence Bruna Biancardi, are, in fact, jewelry. The property was invaded in the early hours of Tuesday, 7th, in Cotia, Greater São Paulo.

Agents searched the address of a relative of one of the robbery suspects, where they seized jewelry and a sword. As determined by Earth, there is no information that the material seized in the house has any relation to the items stolen from Biancardi’s parents’ house. Furthermore, the ‘jewelry’ found would, in fact, be costume jewelry of “visibly inferior” quality.

In the assault on the residence of Biancardi Luxury pieces were removed, including earrings, diamond bracelets and items from brands such as Cartier. The items found in this Wednesday’s operation were seized for investigation. The case remains under investigation.

The crime

According to information from the SSP, three armed men entered the residence and dominated Bruna’s parents, Telma and Edson Ribeiro, aged 50 and 52. The suspects took advantage of the power outage in the region to invade the property. So far, two suspects have been arrested. One of them is Eduardo Vasconcelos, 19 years old, the family’s neighbor. Vasconcelos would have already confessed to the crime.

“The suspects took bags, watches and jewelry. A 20-year-old man was arrested red-handed. The second perpetrator has already been identified and efforts are continuing to identify the third, as well as arrest them,” the SSP told Earth.

The case is being registered at the 2nd DP of Cotia. Through social media, Bruna, who is the mother of Mavie, daughter of football player Neymar, reassured fans and informed that “everyone is fine”.

Since Friday, the 3rd, several regions of the capital and the state have had problems with their electricity supply after a strong storm passed through.

Source: Redação Terra

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