Good news for job seekers in Santa Catarina!

Good news for job seekers in Santa Catarina!
Good news for job seekers in Santa Catarina!

Santa Catarina is one of the states with the lowest labor force unemployment rate in Brazil. According to the IBGE, the Santa Catarina economy ended the second quarter of 2023 with an unemployment rate of 3.5% and, since then, it has been accelerating the generation of new opportunities.

This is great news for anyone looking for work in the State. Not only in the 16,500 temporary vacancies predicted by the CNC for the end of this year, but also at different levels, positions and economic sectors.

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Many job opportunities in SC

More than 82 thousand jobs with a formal contract in Santa Catarina between January and September this year. But, unlike the previous quarters, which had a decreasing curve of new opportunities, the third quarter closed on a high note. Even more so with the movement of commerce and services this season, the outlook for hiring is great in the State.

Read the job market data in Santa Catarina.

Develop your professional skills

For those looking for new jobs in marketing, it’s a good idea to update your knowledge. In a survey by Chartered Institute of Marketing and Target Internet, 79% of professionals in the field said that the skills required of them have completely changed in the last decade. But what are the essential skills to guarantee your professional future?

Discover four fundamental insights for marketing in 2024.

Entertainment is also content

Thinking about the growth of the market as a whole, Negócios SC addressed the importance of companies investing in branded content. Furthermore, it is necessary to expand the concept of content beyond the informative character. O entertainment is also essential and many marketers recognize this. According to Dentsu, eight out of ten believe that brands need to entertain and engage the public.

Find out why to invest in branded entertainment and content.

Do you want to take your career a step further and find out if you have the skills to be a great leader? Discover the ten fundamental skills for leadershipaccording to the UN, in a free e-book.

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