Civil Police arrest housewife and arrest teenagers for keeping videos of young woman’s rape | Rio de Janeiro

Civil Police arrest housewife and arrest teenagers for keeping videos of young woman’s rape | Rio de Janeiro
Civil Police arrest housewife and arrest teenagers for keeping videos of young woman’s rape | Rio de Janeiro

Delegate Mônica Areal, from Deam of Nova Iguaçu – Renan Areias/Agência O DIA

Delegate Mônica Areal, from Deam of Nova IguaçuRenan Areias/Agência O DIA

Published 11/08/2023 18:47 | Updated 11/08/2023 19:09

Rio – Adriana de Souza da Silva was arrested in the act and two other teenagers were arrested, this Wednesday (8), for storing images of the rape of a girl under 15 years old. The arrest was made by civil police officers from the Nova Iguaçu Women’s Assistance Police Station (Deam). In addition to them, Elivelton da Silva Amorim, one of those accused of committing rape, was also captured.

According to investigations, Elivelton and another man allegedly abused the minor while she was unconscious. Furthermore, they filmed the act and shared it on social media. Given the facts, the police authority requested the man’s arrest for raping a vulnerable person and for publishing images of the abuse. The other perpetrator has already been identified and remains at large, accused of the same crimes.

The teenager was at Deam on Wednesday afternoon (8), where she gave a new statement, this time to a police officer specialized in cases like this.

Housewife’s statement

Earlier, before being arrested, Adriana, owner of the house where the crime occurred, said in a statement that she found out about the crime just two days later and that she was not at home at the time of the rape. According to her, the victim had practically been living at her residence for about two weeks.

“I didn’t participate in anything, I just had the charity of putting this girl in my house because she was my daughter’s friend, that was my only mistake,” he said.

The day before the crime, on Thursday last week (2), Adriana said that the girl called a mutual friend of the two, who would be one of the suspects of committing the rape, to her house. The owner of the house and this friend, who was of legal age, allegedly drank six cans of beer and then the boy left.

However, Adriana said she left for work around 4am the next day and left her daughter and her friend at home, without imagining that they would have called this and other boys to the place after she left.

“I didn’t imagine that she was going to take them into my house, after that I don’t know what happened. I only found out two days later, her mother kept saying that her daughter was no good. I wasn’t there at all. At the moment, she was at my house for almost two weeks and her mother was always telling me to get her out of my house,” he said.

The owner of the house blamed the victim for what happened and asked for her name to be removed from the story, as she claims to have not been aware of the case at the time it was consummated.

“She took my trust and destroyed my life in this joke she played in my house. My ex-husband took my son and the documents, I’m even at risk of losing my son in court because of this. I want her to take my name like that, my only mistake was putting it in my house, and I drank it because I’m older, because it was in my house. I only drank four cans and not two boxes like she said. I am the father and mother of my children “, he stated.

Crime has been proven

According to delegate Monica Areal, there is no doubt about the crime of rape of a vulnerable person and the victim’s unconsciousness. “There is no justification, she is 15 years old. From the age of 14 she can have sexual intercourse, but from the moment she has no chance to say yes or no, she falls into vulnerable rape. The victim in this case is a baby because she can’t have discernment. In the video she is hit hard on the head and doesn’t move. And they still joke and mock: ‘Is she dead?’. In other words, he was fully aware that she couldn’t speak yes or not for him”, he explained.

Regarding Elivelton, she also said that the suspect tried to hide by not providing the exact address where he lived. “He was hiding and, in order not to give the correct address, he said he wasn’t going to stay at home for fear of the militia and drug traffickers. After that he tried to go on social media to try to justify himself, but in this case there is no justification. We We have proof that the victim was completely unconscious”, he stressed.

On social media, the teenager reported the crime and explained that she became unconscious after drinking alcohol. Those involved deny the accusations and point out that the relationship would have been consensual, even after the videos proved otherwise. The victim also believes that the action was planned. She accuses two men, Elivelton, 20 years old, and another boy, 22 years old, of having committed the abuse. The girl also claims that her friends did not try to prevent the rape. According to investigations, the crime was filmed and shared more than 30 times on social media.

“In addition to doing this to me, they didn’t just affect my body, they affected my psychology. My body is exposed, I feel embarrassed because everyone is passing by and looking at me on the street, this is very ugly, this has never happened to me, I have never been known for That’s it, I don’t want to have media, I just want my life back”, said the teenager.

On Monday (6), Elivelton spoke out on social media and said that the case was a ‘joke’ that crossed the line. Regarding the statements on social media, delegate Mônica Areal clarified that the Civil Police is committed to the law and is based on evidence, facts and not through posts on the internet.

“The victim and the attacker tried to resolve everything on social media, but it was no use, the Civil Police are committed to the law, not to likes. We analyzed the images and saw that he is guilty of raping a vulnerable person,” he explained.

Investigations continue

On Tuesday (7), more witnesses gave statements and confirmed the victim’s version. Still according to the delegate, investigations continue to clarify more crimes such as the act of filming and offering alcoholic drinks to underage victims.

“The main crime is the rape of a vulnerable person, but I tell those who are judging the victim that the scenes are depressing and hurt any woman,” he said.

Elivelton will be sent to the prison system and will then undergo a custody hearing. The other suspect is on the run and deactivated all social media after the case.

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