Gabriel Azevedo gives testimony: see 10 speeches

Gabriel Azevedo gives testimony: see 10 speeches
Gabriel Azevedo gives testimony: see 10 speeches

Gabriel Azevedo is the last to be heard by the Processing Committee; witness testimony began on October 31st | Photo: Reproduction/CMBH

O President of the Belo Horizonte City Council, councilor Gabriel Azevedo (no party) is being heard today (8) in the morning in the process of revoking his mandate as councilor. See below some of the main speeches so far:

1 – The Chamber does not exist to do the will of the mayor, we are to do the will of the people

2 – The Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais is in the process of obstruction. There are those who consider the RRF (Tax Recovery Regime) good and those who do not consider it

3 – When you choose impeachment as an instrument of political negotiation, you are leaving the four lines of the Constitution

4 – You resign, and we don’t revoke you? I’m not being accused of cracking or stealing, this management here is moralizing the City Council

5 – I have no request to indicate a position here. I never had a nominated person. I have never been accused of taking people’s money and putting it in my pocket

6 – The five allegations here are an absurd lie. I’m responding here because of something that the complainant (federal deputy Nely Aquino) did, it’s surreal (about the irregularity of the Pampulha CPI)

7 – They want to put tape on my mouth so I can’t speak. Treason is for a magistrate to use the position he had at the behest of a political group to insult me

8 – I got angry, I apologized. Parliament has to speak, and those who speak sometimes go too far, and apologize if that happens

9 – The mayor is a hostage of Marcelo Aro (Secretary of State of the Civil House). I feel sorry to see him in this situation. Some say that the mayor is walking with a crocodile

10 – This revocation request is a sham

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