Juliano Lopes takes legal action and accuses Gabriel of ‘criminal speeches’ in the Chamber

Juliano Lopes takes legal action and accuses Gabriel of ‘criminal speeches’ in the Chamber
Juliano Lopes takes legal action and accuses Gabriel of ‘criminal speeches’ in the Chamber

In the images, Gabriel Azevedo and Juliano Lopes | Photo: Belo Horizonte City Council/Disclosure

The vice-president of the Belo Horizonte City Council (CMBH), councilor Juliano Lopes (Agir), took legal action against the president of the House, Gabriel Azevedo (no party), because of the charges related to an alleged bribery scheme to try to block the approval of the project that provided for the payment of subsidies to public transport companies in the capital of Minas Gerais.

By means of a note, the parliamentarian’s office informed that “they took legal action against councilor Gabriel Azevedo, regarding the criminal speeches he made on November 6th. It appears that such statements must now be duly proven by councilor Gabriel Azevedo, however, in court.”

The statement also adds that “councilman Professor Juliano Lopes regrets the desperation and imbalance of councilor Gabriel, who does not care about the city’s development, but only about his thirst for power. It is a shame that the city of Belo Horizonte is going through this moment.”

On Monday (6), during the hearings of some of Gabriel’s witnesses in the process that calls for his impeachment for breach of parliamentary decorum, the head of the Belo Horizonte Legislature accused the Secretary of State for the Civil House, Marcelo Aro (PP ), of having tried to block the approval of the public transport subsidy law in order to obtain an advantage in an alleged bribery scheme that was being devised with businesspeople in the sector in the capital.

Just like Juliano Lopes, Aro took legal action against the president of the Chamberfiling a criminal complaint for libel, slander and defamation.

The president of the BH Chamber, councilor Gabriel, informed that he has not yet been notified about any of the actions.

Revocation for breach of decorum

The request for impeachment of the president of the CMBH, Gabriel Azevedo, was presented by federal deputy Nely Aquino (Podemos-MG), who accuses him of breach of parliamentary decorum and abuse of authority. He responds for verbal aggression against fellow councilors and alleged irregular actions in the CPI investigating the cleaning of the Pampulha lagoon.

The process began on September 4th and needs to be completed on December 4th. All prosecution witnesses have already been heard by the Processing Committee – formed from a draw by councilors Iza Lourença (PSOL), Janaina Cardoso (União Brasil) and Professora Marli (PP) –, and almost all of the defense witnesses as well.

This Wednesday (8) hearings will take place with councilor Fernanda Pereira Altoé (Novo) and Gabriel himself.

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