Banese will award a prize to the 10 highest-scoring state students in the Enem | F5 News

Banese will award a prize to the 10 highest-scoring state students in the Enem | F5 News
Banese will award a prize to the 10 highest-scoring state students in the Enem | F5 News

Students from the state public education network who achieve the ten best results in the National High School Exam – Enem 2023 tests will receive savings from the Sergipe State Bank (Banese) worth R$2,000 each. Furthermore, the bank sponsored the final review for the exam, held on the 1st of this month, at Ginásio Constâncio Vieira, by the State Secretariat for Education and Culture (Seduc).

More than five thousand students attended the class. Banese’s Director of Technology, Kleber Dantas, was at the opening ceremony of the event, and did not hide his happiness in participating in the moment, mainly because he was representing an institution that, over the six decades of its existence, has invested in the education of Sergipe people.

“One of Banese’s missions is to promote the socioeconomic and cultural development of the state, and invest in the education of our young people through actions like this and several other educational projects. Our support enables thousands of teenagers to have better training and guarantee a future with more possibilities. We are proud and happy”, highlighted the director.

Tune in to the future

For the Secretary of State for Education and vice-governor of Sergipe, Zezinho Sobral, Banese’s presence and partnership in the Pre-University actions of the state public education network is a reason for celebration, and shows how in tune the institution is with the future of the state.

“The young people who participated in the Enem class and who will take the National Exam to enter higher education will be the ones who, in the future, will lead our society, who will interact with it and provide us with the best they have, being fraternal, partners and contributing, in every way and on several fronts, so that we can advance socially”, declared the secretary.


Banese’s support for preparatory actions for Enem did not go unnoticed by students. Young Alinne Menezes, 17 years old, a 3rd year high school student at Colégio Estadual Gonçalo Rollemberg Leite, in Aracaju, classified Banese’s sponsorship as very important and special.

“It’s our state’s bank supporting the educational activities carried out for the people of Sergipe, this is very special”, said the young woman. Competing for a place on the Medicine course, she guarantees that she will be in the running to win one of the savings that the bank will provide to the ten highest scoring students on the Enem, because, according to her, this money will make all the difference when starting their studies.

Alinne’s father and mother work as security guards and salespeople, respectively, and throughout her life the young woman studied in public schools. For her, PreUni and the review class are important aids in preparing for university.

“We are experiencing a mix of feelings: it is excitement for finishing high school and security, because all the classes we had were very productive, everyone learned in a lighter way, and we are prepared for this stage”, said the student .

Student João Lucas Machado da Silva, 18, a student at Colégio Estadual Nelson Mandela, was also a student at PreUni and participated in the review event. For him, who will compete for a place on the Computer Science course, participating in this learning journey was important to feel confident that he will achieve a good result. “This class was necessary to bring closure to the entire process that was built throughout the year,” he explained.

Like Alinne, he also guarantees that he will work hard to obtain, in addition to a place at university, the savings worth R$2,000 that Banese will provide. “It’s a very significant amount, even more so for a university student, because there are many people who start their university life with no income, with nothing. This award is super important,” he said.

Final review

During the Enem 2023 class, PreUni students had a full day of language classes (arts, English, Spanish and physical education, Portuguese and literature); essay; mathematics; human; and nature, whose contents were passed on by teachers in a very dynamic and playful way. The event was also broadcast on TV Aperipê. Professionals from the Acolher Program were also present, providing psychosocial assistance to students before the exams began.

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