DER-PI begins “pothole filling” operation on a section of PI-238


Photo: Paula Monize –

This Tuesday (07) the Piauí Highway Department (DER-PI) began work to restore a section of PI-238, which connects Picos to the municipalities of Sussuapara and Bocaina. The highway has several holes that have compromised vehicle traffic in the area.

At the time, the “pothole filling” operation is being carried out at critical points on the road. was on the highway, near the Ipueiras neighborhood, close to a health clinic.

The section that is receiving repairs is signposted and with men covering the “craters” that formed during the rainy season in recent years.

It is worth mentioning that due to the execution of the service, the section has been experiencing slow traffic and drivers still need to resort to detours. contacted DER-PI to find out more details of the operation (deadlines, material applied), but so far we have not received any results.

Residents planted banana trees to protect the holes

The pothole situation is something that has bothered residents of the area and drivers traveling along the highway. In September 2023, the population of the Ipueiras neighborhood planted banana trees in the holes as a sign of protest against the neglect of the highway.


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