Government installs commission to reconcile conflicts in the countryside


The 15 members of the National Commission to Combat Violence in Rural Areas took office this Wednesday (8). The commission aims to mediate and seek conciliation in more complex cases of socio-environmental conflicts in the countryside.

The board must also identify and carry out studies on the topic, prepare an annual work plan, with goals and priorities, stimulate and promote dialogue with the objective of peacefully resolving conflicts in the countryside, in addition to ensuring respect for human rights in socio-environmental conflicts in greater complexity.

The National Commission to Combat Violence in the Countryside was established in August 2023, by means of a presidential decree, and is coordinated by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Agriculture (MDA). The board will meet monthly and must present an activity report to the member bodies every six months.

Among the bodies that make up the commission are the Attorney General’s Office of the Union, the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra), the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), the National Council for Sustainable Rural Development (Condraf), the Secretariat -General of the Presidency of the Republic and the ministries of Human Rights and Citizenship; of Racial Equality; Justice and Public Security; Environment and Climate Change; of the women; and Indigenous Peoples.

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