PF arrests 2 suspects of planning terrorist acts in Brazil | National Newspaper

PF arrests 2 suspects of planning terrorist acts in Brazil | National Newspaper
PF arrests 2 suspects of planning terrorist acts in Brazil | National Newspaper

PF arrests 2 suspects of planning terrorist acts in Brazil

The Federal Police arrested two people this Wednesday (8) in a raid combating terrorism. Investigations indicate that a group linked to the Hezbollah planned attacks against Jewish targets in Brazilian territory.

The police served two temporary arrest warrants. The two prisoners are Brazilian. The first suspect was arrested on Tuesday night (7) upon landing at Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo, coming from Lebanon. The police seized US$5,000 from him. The second is from Santa Catarina and was arrested this Wednesday (8) in São Paulo. The names were not disclosed. They gave a statement and will initially be detained for 30 days.

The police officers also carried out eleven search and seizure warrants in Minas Gerais, São Paulo and the Federal District. They seized money, cell phones and documents, such as diaries and notes.

Two other men who are in Lebanon and who have dual nationality also had temporary arrest ordered by the courts. The names were passed on to Interpol, the International Police.

A Operation Trapiche investigates the recruitment of Brazilians to practice terrorist acts. According to investigators, the first intelligence information was passed on by the governments of Israel and the United States.

In the official note, the Federal Police did not mention the name of Hezbollah – an extremist Lebanese group supported by Iran, considered terrorist by several countries, such as the United States, France and Germany. But, privately, he confirmed that the suspects are linked to the group. Some even recently traveled to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, to meet with members of Hezbollah.

Those under investigation may be liable for the crimes of forming or joining a terrorist organization and carrying out preparatory acts of terrorism. Brazilian law, approved in 2016, equates terrorism to a heinous crime, which is non-bailable. Penalties can reach 15 years and 6 months in prison – initially in a closed regime.

1 of 1 Anti-terrorism law — Photo: Jornal Nacional/ Reproduction
Anti-terrorism law — Photo: Jornal Nacional/ Reproduction

In a note, the Israeli Confederation in Brazil stated “huge concern over the arrest of terrorists in Brazil linked to the Lebanese group Hezbollah, who, according to the Federal Police, were planning attacks against Jewish targets in Brazil” and said that “Terrorism, in all its aspects, must be combated and repudiated by the entire Brazilian society“.

Conib congratulated the Federal Police, the Public Ministry and the Ministry of Justice for their “preventive action and reiterates that the tragic conflicts of Middle East They cannot be imported into our country, where different communities live peacefully, harmoniously and without fear of terrorism“.

The Israeli Intelligence Agency, known as Mossad, stated that “Brazilian security agencies, together with the Mossad, its partners in the Israeli security community and other international security agencies, thwarted a terrorist attack in Brazil, promoted by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, directed and financed by the Iranian regime.” According to the note, it was a broad network that operated in other countries.

The president of the STF – Federal Supreme Court, Luís Roberto Barroso, stated that Brazil has a tradition of being against any type of intolerance.

“Anti-Semitism has already cost dearly not only the Jewish people, but humanity as a whole, and it is shameful that this could be revived at any time. I think Brazil has many challenges, but it has some positive characteristics that we cannot lose. One of them is to be a country of peace, a country of democracy, a country of religious tolerance. Here among us, all religions, all immigrants, have always been welcomed, well received. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists have always been able to practice their faith here under protection, in freedom and with respect and consideration,” said Barroso.

“This war between Hamas and Israel, which began with an unspeakable terrorist attack and which now has a reaction that also causes a humanitarian crisis, has divided hearts and minds around the world. The worst thing that can happen in Brazil, however, is for us to import this feeling, both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.”

The president of the Senate also stated that it is necessary to combat the antisemitism, violence and war. Rodrigo Pacheco reinforced that in Brazil there is no room for prejudice.

“Enforce the spread of peace and respect for differences. We have, in our territory, Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, Europeans, Americans, Asians. And we all have to live together harmoniously. This is why any flirtation with prejudice must be rebutted very vehemently by institutions and by society itself. It is society’s role to always seek to have this understanding, this understanding regarding these differences and divergences that must coexist harmoniously”, he declared.

Rodrigo Pacheco concluded:

“There definitely cannot be a contamination of Brazilians, who are essentially peaceful, essentially good coexistence, respectful of all people. We cannot allow ourselves to be contaminated by hate speech that is skewed with prejudice, intolerance, and many misunderstandings, including information. So it is our role, that of the entire Brazilian society and public institutions, and I also want to say that of the National Congress, to be able to very vehemently combat this contamination of Brazilian society with this hate speech. We are all committed to combating this and preaching peace in all situations in our country.”

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