Brazilians are found dead in cruise room in the USA | World and Science

Brazilians are found dead in cruise room in the USA | World and Science
Brazilians are found dead in cruise room in the USA | World and Science

Young people were found dead on a cruise in the USA – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

Young people were found dead on cruise in the USAPhoto: Reproduction/Internet

Published 08/11/2023 13:43 | Updated 11/08/2023 17:04

Two young Brazilians were found dead in a cruise cabin docked in the United States. Túlio Lacerda, 32 years old, originally from the city of Taipé, in Minas Gerais, and his friend, Jason Aguirre, were found dead after returning to the city of Los Angeles, following the vessel’s passage through Mexico. The discovery of the bodies was made by the ship’s onboard team, who found it strange that the two passengers were missing when they disembarked.

Initially published by the newspaper “Diary of Teófilo Otoni”, on October 30th, the fact was confirmed on the social networks of friends of the young people. Túlio’s aunt, Neila Gonçalves, reported to the portal Uol that the Los Angeles police found no signs of forced entry on the bedroom door and that emergency teams tried, unsuccessfully, to revive the young people.

Túlio, from Minas Gerais, who moved to the United States in 2015 and had served in the US Army, had permanent resident status after obtaining his green card. After requesting discharge from military service at the beginning of the year, he was in legal status in that country.

An online crowdfunding was created to pay for the transfer of the young people’s bodies to Brazil. On the internet, a campaign aimed at Diego Aguirre, in the name of Thania Aguirre, aimed to reach the sum of US$ 20 thousand. By midday this Wednesday (Brasília time), the campaign had already raised US$21,100, with contributions from 292 donors. The mobilization aimed at Túlio Lacerda, out of a total of US$ 30 thousand, had raised US$ 25.6 thousand, with 456 donors.

On social media, friends were moved by the sudden loss of young people. A man identified as Robert Valentin wrote: “Rest in peace Jason Aguirre. A good guy with a pure heart and he always kept it 100 with me. I know a million people who are hurting for you. Rest easy my boy,” he said.

Neila Gonçalves, Túlio’s aunt, told the UOL portal that the family still does not know the cause of her nephew’s death and investigations are still ongoing by the North American police. Dony, another of Túlio’s aunts, told the reporter that the information is not being disclosed so as not to hinder the investigations.

When contacted, Itamaraty commented in the following note.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Consulate General in Los Angeles, is monitoring the case and providing consular assistance to the family of the Brazilian national.

In the event of the death of a Brazilian citizen abroad, Brazilian consulates will be able to provide general guidance to family members, support their contacts with the local government and take care of issuing documents, such as the consular death certificate, as soon as the mandatory procedures carried out by the authorities have been completed. locations. The transfer of the remains of Brazilians who died abroad is a family decision. The transfer of bodies of nationals who have died abroad cannot be paid for with public resources, in light of § 1 of article 257 of decree 9,199/2017.

In compliance with the right to privacy and the provisions of the Access to Information Law and decree 7,724/2012, detailed information may only be passed on with the authorization of immediate family members. Therefore, the MRE will not be able to provide specific data on individual cases of assistance to Brazilian citizens.”

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