Santa Catarina launches new electronic platform for issuing the Animal Transit Guide for cattle – ACN

Santa Catarina launches new electronic platform for issuing the Animal Transit Guide for cattle – ACN
Santa Catarina launches new electronic platform for issuing the Animal Transit Guide for cattle – ACN

The State Government, the State Secretariat for Agriculture, the Santa Catarina Integrated Agricultural Development Company (Cidasc), with the support of the Santa Catarina Institute of Agricultural Health (Icasa), launched, this Tuesday, 7th, the new tool which aims to facilitate the work of rural producers in Santa Catarina by issuing the Animal Transit Guide (e-GTA) for cattle, via the internet, on a cell phone or tablet, without the need to go to the Cidasc or Icasa offices. The launch took place during the 12th Brazil South Dairy Cattle Farming Symposium (SBSBL), at the Plínio Arlindo de Nes Culture and Events Center, in Chapecó.

The Conecta Cidasc platform was developed by several hands within the scope of technological evolution in monitoring systems and evolution of animal health status, a heritage of Santa Catarina. Technology is the new gateway to the new era of agribusiness. The digital transformation came to bring more practicality to field solutions and offer services that help producers and agriculture in Santa Catarina to be more efficient on a daily basis.

According to the president of Cidasc, Celles Regina de Matos, the technological environment in the agricultural sector is already a reality. “Changes in agribusiness not only affect products, but also the behavior of all people involved in the production process, who begin to adopt habits increasingly based on the digital environment. This is how Cidasc has been reinventing itself to prosper with the new agriculture and this new lifestyle in the countryside. Conecta is an application, that is, a software developed to be used on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which offers ease and practicality to rural producers in issuing e-GTA for cattle. New features will soon be delivered to complement the benefits offered by the platform. Agriculture is not chasing after, agriculture is ahead”, highlights Celles.

The launch of Conecta Cidasc was attended by the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Valdir Colatto, the president of Cidasc, Celles Regina de Matos, and the executive advisor of Icasa, Osvaldo Miotto Junior. In addition, it was a presentation of how the Guide issuance system via the platform will work. Cidasc was available to producers throughout the event, to teach how to issue the GTA via cell phone.

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The platform

The proposal to launch the Conecta Cidasc platform at the 12th Brazil South Dairy Cattle Farming Symposium (SBSBL) shows that Cidasc plans, on a daily basis, solutions focused on rural producers. “We seek to support farmers with technology, health education actions, promotion of single health and actions aimed at ensuring the health and prosperity of their properties. Cidasc believes in the importance of being alongside the producer, helping him to manage his herd in a healthy, profitable, sustainable and efficient way”, points out the president of Cidasc, Celles Regina de Matos.

The initiative to develop a new platform with interactivity and without the rural producer leaving home, arose from the need for improvements in the Agricultural Defense Management System (Sigen+) highlighted by the Cidasc technical team and supported by Icasa. “Conecta Cidasc came to add to existing technologies. This public-private partnership, carried out through an agreement between Icasa, the State Department of Agriculture and Cidasc, allows the institute to develop the “Inova Defesa SC” project, which generated the Conecta platform, focused on maintaining a property registration and animal traceability system in constant evolution”, says Osvaldo Miotto Junior.

Miotto explains that the provision of tools for administrative and technical field work for rural properties, agro-industrial enterprises and agricultural houses is essential in supporting health defense actions. “This is an important stage of the project as it is a delivery to rural producers, who benefit from the possibility of issuing their e-GTA by accessing the Conecta platform. Investing in new technological tools guarantees greater credibility and gives us more structure to sustain our differentiated health status, a reference throughout the country. The synergy between Cidasc and Icasa is a powerhouse for SC”, reinforces Osvaldo Miotto Junior.

About GTA

The Animal Transit Guide (GTA) is the mandatory health document for transporting live animals in Santa Catarina or to other states. The GTA is managed by Cidasc and guarantees the sanitary control of Santa Catarina’s herds. The Normative Instruction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) no. 19, of 05/03/2011, adopts the e-GTA as an official document for the movement of live animals, fertile eggs and other animal multiplication materials throughout the national territory .

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