PHOTOS: ‘Abandoned’ luxury hotel in SC goes up for auction for R$54 million


An impressive structure of what was once a luxury hotel on Itapirubá beach, in Laguna, in the south of Santa Catarina, but is now “abandoned”, is going up for auction for an incredible R$54 million. The person responsible for the auction will be Schmitz Leiloeiros Oficiais, located in Balneário Camboriú, North Coast of Santa Catarina.

Impressive structure of 60 thousand m² of total area with 15 m² of built area of ​​’abandoned’ hotel goes up for auction – Photo: Brava Beach Group/Schmitz Official Auctioneers/Reproduction ND

The hotel is 240 meters away from the A-10, with a total area of ​​almost 60 thousand meters² and 15 thousand meters² of built area. Investors point out that the structure represents the only investment opportunity in Praia de Itapirubá as it is an exclusive property, “a rare jewel, close to the Atlantic Ocean”.

Hotel was once a luxury resort with an impressive structure in Laguna, South of Santa Catarina; Now it is going up for auction for R$54 million – Photo: Brava Beach Group/Schmitz Official Auctioneers/ND Reproduction

The property was opened in 1978, at the time, with a breathtaking structure as it was a resort, no longer in operation, consisting of more than 200 apartments, lobby, offices and games rooms.

Aerial image shows abandoned hotel structure as it currently standsHotel structure up for auction impresses with its grandeur – Photo: Schmitz Official Auctioneers/ND Reproduction

In addition, the structure also included a cinema, nightclub, bars, meeting and conference rooms, as well as shops and a sauna, garage, swimming pool, tennis courts and another multipurpose court, employee cafeteria, laundry room and a machine room.

“More than a piece of land, it is a breathtaking investment, in an exclusive location, practically on the territorial limit between Laguna and Imbituba. The property is a combination of luxury, tranquility and natural beauty, in addition to being duly documented before Municipal, State and Federal bodies”, highlights auctioneer Eduardo Schmitz.

If sold, the structure will be available to be demolished, subdivided, and the new owner will be free to build, renovate and exchange.

See details of ‘abandoned’ hotel that will be put up for auction

Aerial images show what a luxury hotel is up for auction in SC – Video: Schmitz Official Auctioneers/ND Reproduction

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