Requests for impeachment and accusations set fire behind the scenes of the Bahia elections

Requests for impeachment and accusations set fire behind the scenes of the Bahia elections
Requests for impeachment and accusations set fire behind the scenes of the Bahia elections

Behind the scenes of the Bahia election, scheduled for December 2nd, is in full swing. After registering the candidates who will run for president of Bahia, the candidates have been exchanging barbs and questioning the regularity of the other candidates.

In recent days, candidate Leonardo Martinez’s 100% Bahêa ticket filed a request to challenge the Um Novo Bahêa (Jaílson Baraúna) and Tricolor Revolution (Marcelo Sant’Ana) tickets. The justification is that the deadlines for registration and publication of documents were not met.

The electoral commission of Esporte Clube Bahia, however, considered the requests unfounded, as the tickets can complement the documentation until the final assessment, scheduled for next Tuesday (14), when the approval of all candidacies will be published.

In contact with the Bahia Notícias report, Martinez said he did not agree with the decision, despite respecting the position of the organizers.

“We differ from the decision of the electoral commission, but we respect it. The deadlines exist to be met and the candidates filed after the deadline and without the necessary documents. We understand that the electoral process must take place with organization, the same organization that is expected from the elected candidates We aim for the electoral process to be organized and safe. But we respect the decision of the electoral commission,” he said.

Baraúna and Sant’Ana were also contacted by BN, but did not comment until the publication of this note.


The Um Novo Bahêa party, by Jaílson Barauna, proposed a representation against the 100% Bahêa Party, by Leonardo Martinez, for irregular advertising. According to the document sent to the electoral commission, the accusation states that Martinez used an interview on another subject on a radio vehicle to promote his campaign.

“The person represented, taking advantage of his status as former vice president of a different association (AMA – Associação de Amigos do Autista da Bahia), was present in an interview to discuss a case of rights violation and, in the middle of the interview, he disclosed his campaign page ostensibly carried out personal promotion in favor of Esporte Clube Bahia’s electoral campaign and criticized the other candidates”, says the writing.

BN contacted Martinez’s campaign, which said it had not been notified about the issue. “We understand that the regulations allow interviews. He himself was interviewed yesterday, on Darino’s program [Sena, canal do Youtube]to talk solely and exclusively about the election”, he replied.

Voting is scheduled for December 2nd, at Arena Fonte Nova and virtually. In addition to the president and vice-president, 100 advisors will form the board to accompany the executive board in the 2024-2026 period.

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