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O Federal government authorized, this Wednesday (8), the duplication of BR-423, in the 43.1 kilometer stretch, between the cities of Sao Caetano It is Lajedo, in the Agreste of Pernambuco. The president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT)and the governor of Pernambuco, Raquel Lyra (PSDB), were present at the ceremony of signing the service order, carried out by the Minister of Transport, Renan Filho. The venture is part of the New PAC (Growth Acceleration Plan)and has a planned investment of R$330.3 million.

Lula also guaranteed that the work to build the second section, from Lajedo to Garanhuns — another 40km of duplication — will begin by the end of 2024.

Also present at the event were ministers Rui Costa, of the Civil House; Alexandre PadilhaInstitutional Relations; José Mucio, of Defense; Silvio Costa FilhoPorts and Airports; Luciana Santos, of Science, Technology and Innovation; Andrew de PaulaFisheries and Aquaculture and Jorge Messias, current attorney general of the Union.

In addition to the general director of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT,) Fabrício Galvãoand parliamentarians from the Pernambuco representation in the National Congress and municipal managers also participated in the event.

Raquel Lyra
In a speech, the governor Raquel Lyra spoke about the importance of signing the service order that authorizes the start of works to duplicate the BR-423, in the Agreste of Pernambuco.

It is a dream that became reality to start the duplication works that connect the city of Caruaru to the city of Garanhuns. This work, in the first stage, connects to Lajedo, but I have no doubt that we will quickly be able to have a project notice, to be able to continue, and deliver the duplication, thus allowing this very important connection, between the our hub cities and neighboring states. Every time you create a kilometer of asphalt you generate hope along with it.

Renan Filho, Minister of Transport

Six years ago, Pernambuco did not receive investments in large infrastructure projects. We are changing this reality today with the start of work on the duplication of BR-423/PE, which had been expected for decades. The duplication will integrate and give the Pernambuco countryside the development of Caruaru and Recife and contribute to the generation of jobs and people’s quality of life.

The president Lula recognized the importance of duplicating the highway for the population of the state of Pernambuco, as a whole, and said that he was charged, since the beginning of his first term (2003-2006), for the work.

The chief executive also stated, in a joking tone, that he treats politicians who are not publicly in favor of his government, as if they were from the same party.

“Many people think that when we are in government we only take care of those who have a relationship with party affiliation. I doubt there will be a governor or mayor in Brazil, at the end of his term, who would say that Lula did not do such a thing in my city because of the party”, assured the PT member.

How will it be done

Section of BR-423 that will receive improvements | Photo: Ministry of Transport

Duplication and adaptation services will be performed by National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) on 43.1 kilometers of the federal highway, from kilometer 18.2 to 61.3. The 83.1 kilometer project, which connects São Caetano to Garanhuns, intends to boost the development of the Pernambuco countryside.

The company that won the bid is already working on the stretch with the initial work of installing the construction site, mobilizing the team and equipment and preparing to start carrying out earthmoving and drainage services, initially in the first 20 kilometers.

“BR-423 is essential not only for the flow of local production, but also an important tourist route. For this reason, investing in the region is strengthening the state, boosting the economy and creating jobs”, stated the Minister of Transport, Renan Filho.

The section of the federal highway to be duplicated is one of the main accesses to the southern countryside of Pernambuco and a route for the production of the region’s dairy basin. With the duplication, the expectation is to improve the traffic conditions of BR-423/PE, making the route more dynamic, fluid and safe. With the completion of the works, the Federal Government hopes to contribute positively to logistics and reduce operational costs in the production chain.

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