Asun Supermarket Chain is the first in Rio Grande do Sul to implement facial recognition payment


Payface announces the entry of its technology into Grupo Asun, one of the main supermarket chains in Rio Grande do Sul. The synergy represents a milestone in Payface’s strategic expansion in the Rio Grande do Sul region and a significant advance in the transformation of the state’s retail sector.

The operation debuts at Pontal Shopping, located in the southern region of Porto Alegre, in a completely new store, planned to open in November, already offering facial recognition payment technology at all cashiers, eight of which are traditional and six self-service. checkouts.

For Payface, which is in the process of reaching out to several market fronts, the main advantage of the partnership is the expansion of purchasing moments and customer loyalty.

“With the arrival of Asun, we now have operations in six Brazilian states: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Goiás – aiming to contribute to a safer, more simplified and practical shopping journey, using only your face to pay”, says CEO, Eládio Isoppo.

Present on the market since 2018, Payface offers facial recognition technology connecting with the entire ecosystem of payment methods — from credit cards, private labels (retailer cards), wallets (virtual wallets), acquirers and sub-acquirers. Without the user having to look for their wallet, enter their CPF or use a device every time they want to make a purchase, allowing the retailer to reduce queues, as well as speeding up and improving the consumer experience when identifying and paying at the checkout.

With the partnership, Grupo Asun, which currently has 40 stores in Porto Alegre and recently acquired three Maxxi stores from Carrefour, once again reinforces its commitment to providing innovative solutions and an impactful journey for consumers.

“We are committed to providing a more technological and convenient experience to customers, especially with regard to payment options. Now, consumers will no longer need to worry about cards, wallets or even their cell phones, as everything they can What you need is a face and a smile”, commented Antônio Martins, IT/DPO manager at Grupo Asun.

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