The Gazette | ES wants to welcome cruises again and will hire a study from USP


Research will be signed next Monday (13), at Palácio Anchieta, when the Strategic Route for Tourism 2035 will be launched

Published on November 8, 2023 at 10:51

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Vitória Bay and movement of ships in the Port of Vitória. (Fernando Madeira)

The government of Espírito Santo wants to put the State back on the cruise route and will commission a study from the University of São Paulo (USP) to evaluate possibilities on the coast of Espírito Santo.

Next Monday (13), at Palácio Anchieta, the Strategic Route for Tourism 2035 will be launched – an agenda of short, medium and long-term actions for the full development of the tourism sector by 2035.

On that occasion, the Secretary of State for Tourism (Setur) will sign the contract with USP, which will carry out research looking for alternatives for the flow of cruises in the State. The study is necessary to evaluate the technical feasibility of stopping cruises and check the inclusion of Espírito Santo on the route of large ships.

As Setur explained, the study will look for alternatives in Vitória Bay, but tourists will not necessarily disembark in the Capital’s port space. The ministry cites examples such as Fernando de Noronha (PE) and Búzios (RJ), where vessels are on the high seas and tourists are taken on other boats to dry land.

For the Secretary of State for Tourism, Weverson Meireles, the conditions are favorable to the growth of nautical tourism in the State.

“With our contracting of cruise feasibility studies, planning and strategic partnerships, it is possible to create a favorable environment for the growth of tourism and consolidate the State as a destination of excellence for lovers of the sea and nautical activities,” he said.

“Collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential to boost tourism in the state and attract more and more visitors interested in the natural beauty and nautical activities offered by Espírito Santo” he concluded.

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