CNMP participates in the 1st Strategic Management Workshop 2024-2029 at the Public Ministry of the State of Pernambuco, in Recife

CNMP participates in the 1st Strategic Management Workshop 2024-2029 at the Public Ministry of the State of Pernambuco, in Recife
CNMP participates in the 1st Strategic Management Workshop 2024-2029 at the Public Ministry of the State of Pernambuco, in Recife

Published on 11/8/23, at 12:59 pm.

The National Council of the Public Ministry, through the Strategic Planning Commission, met with members of the Public Ministry of Pernambuco (MPPE) to begin developing programs and actions for final action to build the new MPPE 2024-2029 Strategic Management cycle.

The president of the CPE, counselor Moacyr Rey, participated in the MPPE workshop and cited the democratic nature of listening to society to outline strategies. “Each MP has its specificities, and highlighting them is important, as well as establishing priorities at the national level, promoting collaboration and integration between Brazilian MP units”, he commented. “With this national alignment, we will have a more assertive and qualified performance”, he bet.

Another important action this year was the MPPE’s adherence to the Public Ministry’s National Planning Strategic Map (PEN-MP), for the 2020-2029 decade. The terms of accession provide for the provision of technical and logistical advice by the CPE/CNMP and the provision of information on its Strategic Planning by the MPPE, so that the purpose of guaranteeing the defense of the legal order, the Democratic State and social rights can be achieved. insurmountable. “Due to the national nature of the Public Ministry, it is important to have planning drawn up in a uniform manner, despite respecting the autonomy and peculiarities of each unit”, highlighted Marcos Carvalho.

On Monday, November 6, the Ministerial Office for Organizational Planning and Strategy (AMPEO) promoted the first regional workshop, at Porto Digital, in the Recife neighborhood, to discuss and prioritize Citizenship themes such as Women, Elderly People, with Disabilities, Ethnic-Racial Equality, LGBTQIA+, Food Security, as well as those relating to Criminal action, Social Defense and Public Assets.

Initially, the participants learned about the results of the research carried out by MPPE with society and the internal public, in which the issues they considered to be priorities for the institution’s activities within each thematic area were highlighted.

After analyzing, the members selected the two subjects that should be transformed into programs, which are a set of interrelated projects, actions and initiatives that are developed together to achieve strategic objectives, also ensuring the transversality of ministerial action.

In the actions stage, it was defined how the programs should be implemented, in a generic way. Up to three actions were prioritized for each program.

For the Attorney General of Justice, Marcos Carvalho, strategic planning is fundamental for the MPPE to meet social concerns. “It’s about aligning our actions with society’s expectations, to achieve objectives that satisfy society, including promoting public policies that will lead to improvements in people’s lives”, he analyzed. He also recalled that the MPPE, at the beginning of 2023, promoted listening to social movements, which also contributed to strategic planning.

“The new cycle of strategic planning is being built in a collective and institutional way, with priority considerations for each theme, taking into account the demands of the areas and seeking to achieve results that serve society”, pointed out the General Secretary of the MPPE, the promoter of Justice Janaína Bezerra.

The next workshop will take place on November 14, in Caruaru, when members will work on topics on the Environment, Health, Childhood, Consumers and Education.

After the workshops, AMPEO will analyze the data and begin training members to prepare and execute the Public Prosecutor’s and Public Prosecutor’s Office Action Plan (PAPJ), a new addition to the 2024-2029 Cycle, which will allow each member to visualize how the objectives of the strategic map can unfold into concrete initiatives in your Prosecutor’s Office, according to your reality, and the impact that your activities have on the strategic map. Furthermore, the PAPJ helps members organize the activities of their Public Prosecutor’s Office or Public Prosecutor’s Office using simple management techniques. All this in compliance with Recommendation No. 01/2023 of the National Inspectorate.

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*With information and images from MPPE.

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