Dog and cat neutering trailer travels through DF. See schedule

Dog and cat neutering trailer travels through DF. See schedule
Dog and cat neutering trailer travels through DF. See schedule

On the 10th and 11th of November, two trailers and a trailer begin traveling around regions of the Federal District to carry out free neutering of dogs and cats. The Castra-DF initiative will begin scheduling for pets to undergo the procedure.

The first region to receive the project will be Planaltina. One of the Castra-DF trailers will be located in the Sucupira Ecological Park for the next two months.

1,000 places will be offered in the region, 600 for dogs and 400 for cats. Registration for surgeries will be carried out in person on November 10th and 11th, starting at 8am, until spaces run out. Registration does not guarantee a place and the final result with the list of recipients and the dates of the surgeries will be published by November 13th on the website of the Department of Environment and Animal Protection of the DF (Sema-DF). {{#values}}{{/values}}

The initiative is from the Subsecretariat for Animal Protection (SUPAN) of Sema-DF. The surgeries will be carried out between November 14th and December 30th, from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 5pm.

One animal can be scheduled per CPF and registration is exclusive to residents of the Federal District. The Castra-DF project, which is an initiative by deputy Daniel Donizet (MDB), will remain in Planaltina until December and, shortly thereafter, will go to another administrative region to be announced soon by SEMA.

Surgeries and animal groups

On the day scheduled for surgery, the pet will undergo blood and cardiological tests to check its health. There will be no cost to the tutor. If the pet is fit, it will undergo the procedure. However, if any health problem is detected, the castration will be canceled and the owner will be advised to look for the Public Veterinary Hospital or veterinarian of their choice.

Another new feature of Castra-DF is the free castration of animals that are under the guardianship of NGOs and independent protectors. Large herds will be served, that is, groups of more than 10 animals.

The forecast is that this mobile unit will start traveling around the DF from November 13th, going from house to house, to neuter dogs and cats already registered and inspected by the SEMA Large Breeding Project. There will be 25 castrations per day, on average. The NGO or independent protector that has ten more animals and that is not yet registered with SEMA can do so through the secretariat’s website.

Professional trailer

Castra-DF will also have a trailer that will take professional courses in the pet area to the population. Courses will be offered in bathing, grooming, pet grooming, administration and management of pet shops, pet boarding, pet confectionery, caregiving and dog walking.

The courses will be taught in person and broadcast live on the YouTube platform. DF residents who are interested in participating will be able to register, from November 6th, in person, at Parque Sucupira, in Planaltina. The training is scheduled to begin on November 20th.


In-person Registration

Sucupira Ecological Park – Planaltina/DF
10/11 – Friday, from 8am to 2pm (or until spaces run out)
150 spaces for male dogs/ 150 spaces for female dogs/ 100 spaces for cats/ 100 spaces for female dogs
11/11- Saturday, from 8am to 2pm (or until spaces run out).
150 spaces for male dogs/ 150 spaces for female dogs/ 100 spaces for cats/ 100 spaces for female dogs

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