Messages show criminal relationship between Lula’s minister and businessman, says PF

Messages show criminal relationship between Lula’s minister and businessman, says PF
Messages show criminal relationship between Lula’s minister and businessman, says PF

Juscelino Filho records a video shortly before the meeting with Lula, confirms that he has assets in horses that he hid from the TSE and lies about the road near farms in Maranhão

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Federal Police (PF) investigators claim that the Communications Minister of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Juscelino Filho (União Brasil-MA), developed a criminal relationship with one of the owners of a construction company being investigated on suspicion of embezzlement. contracts from the São Francisco and Parnaíba Valleys Development Company (Codevasf) – a state-owned company commanded by Centrão politicians.

According to information from Folha de S.Paulo, the suspicion arose after PF agents analyzed conversations obtained from the cell phone of businessman Eduardo José Barros Costa, known as Eduardo DP. At the time, Juscelino was a federal deputy.

Eduardo DP is named as the real owner of Construservice, a company that has million-dollar contracts with Codevasf, paid for with parliamentary amendments.

The contractor even appeared as the vice-leader in Codevasf tenders and used oranges to participate in public tenders during the administration of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Investigation details

The messages analyzed, states the PF, reinforce the “criminal actions of Juscelino Filho” and demonstrate that “his role in Orcrim (criminal organization) was known to all members” of the alleged group headed by Eduardo DP.

“The criminal relationship agreed between Juscelino Filho and Eduardo DP remains crystal clear”, says part of the PF report.

The messages obtained by the PF were found after the seizure of Eduardo DP’s cell phone in July 2022, during the first phase of an Odoacro operation. The conversations held by the PF are from the period between 2017 and 2020.

At the time, the operation targeted only Construservice contracts supported by parliamentary amendments.

However, in September, in the third phase of the operation, the minister’s sister, Luanna Rezende, was the target of a search and seizure by the PF.

Juscelino is now being investigated

Juscelino began to be investigated precisely for the paving works contracted with Construservice in his sister’s city – works that were paid for with money allocated through parliamentary amendments indicated by Juscelino.

According to the investigators, the dialogues show a relationship of “proximity and promiscuity” and “intense negotiations” regarding the execution of works paid for with amendments.

As shown by the Estadão, the contracts also benefited the minister’s properties. The report revealed that one of the contracts paid for the paving of a road that leads to a stud farm in Juscelino.

Furthermore, the PF states that the minister “obtains undue advantages” through bank transfers to intermediaries and to a shell company that would be his.

What does the minister say

The minister’s office sent a note signed by his lawyers. According to them, there is nothing illegal in the works. “There is no irregularity in the works, whose amendments meet the demands of the population, as already clarified to the authorities. Parliamentary amendments are a legitimate and democratic instrument of the National Congress and all of Juscelino Filho’s actions were lawful”, states the defense.

“These are absurd conclusions that Juscelino had any personal benefit from his parliamentary activity, especially constructed from supposed messages with no known origin or reliability”, completes the note signed by lawyers Ticiano Figueiredo and Pedro Ivo Velloso.

Source: Redação Terra

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