Minas closes partnership with Huawei to train 70 thousand public school teachers

Minas closes partnership with Huawei to train 70 thousand public school teachers
Minas closes partnership with Huawei to train 70 thousand public school teachers

The Government of Minas Gerais entered into a partnership with the Chinese technology giant Huawei for the technological training of 70 thousand teachers in the state’s public education network. According to the State government, this is the largest training carried out by the Chinese company in the world.

Teachers will be trained in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with the aim of replicating knowledge in the classroom, impacting 1.3 million students. The objective is to ensure that students advance in their knowledge of the digital world and leave school better prepared for the job market.

The company will also install Wi-Fi internet systems in 2,000 schools in Minas Gerais.

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The agreement was signed in Shanghai, China, where governor Romeu Zema (Novo) fulfills a series of commitments in an attempt to close partnerships and attract investments to Minas Gerais.

“The state already has a great partnership with it [Huawei]which is an equipment supplier for the Department of Education and has a large project to connect more than 3 thousand school units across the state”, stated the head of the Minas Gerais Executive.

According to Zema, this integration of the school system makes it easier to obtain information about students across the state and in real time.

“This means that, when data from a school appears, it is automatically available throughout the state. If the student moves from one region to another, they do not need to return to the school to look for the data, there is a system that meets all students. In turn, teachers will be able to have a series of information in real time, which was not the case in the past”, he explains.

Zema also says that there is planning for a similar partnership in the health sector, involving health institutions that are part of the Fhemig Network (Fundação Hospitalar do Estado de Minas Gerais).

“This also means better health for people from Minas Gerais. If someone who has traveled needs medical care, you will already know any previous situation about that person, that patient,” he said.

The Minas Gerais government’s forecast is that by June 2024 all 2,197 schools will have high-tech Wi-Fi in operation.

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