Lonely Planet travel guides list Amazonas as an incredible destination to visit in Brazil

Lonely Planet travel guides list Amazonas as an incredible destination to visit in Brazil
Lonely Planet travel guides list Amazonas as an incredible destination to visit in Brazil

Manaus (AM) – Amazonas was included in the Lonely Planet travel guide list, being considered the most incredible destination to visit in Brazil. The guide highlights the state and mentions ecotourism, regional cuisine, the history of Manaus and the state’s natural beauties, such as the Encontro das Águas. The inclusion in Lonely Planet reflects the exceptional potential of Amazonas as a tourist destination.

According to the president of the Amazonas State Tourism Company (Amazonastur), Ian Ribeiro, the highlight achieved in the guide is the result of the State Government’s continuous commitment to promoting the region and consolidating its status as a reference tourist hub. Amazonas, highlighted Ribeiro, has maintained a firm commitment to making its natural and cultural attractions easily accessible for travelers, to consolidate the municipality as a reference in tourism.

“Ecotourism is one of the strong segments of tourism in Amazonas, driving an economy that combines economic and social development with sustainability. Ecotourism work with indigenous and riverside communities values ​​the ancestry, culture and knowledge of the forest”,

said the president of Amazonastur.

Not only the state but also the city of Manaus was highlighted in the publication, which celebrates 50 years in the market this year, revealed its bets last month in its annual “Best in Travel” report.

The largest city in the Amazon region, Manaus was described as “a poetic collision of a high-energy spectacle with ecotourism adventures” at the meeting of the Rio Negro and the Solimões, whose waters do not completely mix.

Unmissable attractions

The guide highlighted four unmissable activities for those arriving in Amazonas:

Amazon Theater

A cultural and architectural symbol of the state, the Teatro Amazonas keeps alive much of the history of the rubber cycle, the golden age of the capital of Amazonas.

Meeting of the Waters

Watch the wonderful ‘Meeting of the Waters’ between the Rio Negro and Solimões

Moon Beach

Visit Praia da Lua, a crescent-shaped stretch of white sand, calm waters, lush nature and lots of greenery all around.


Savor local ingredients at Banzeiro restaurant, an Amazonian gastronomic destination from chef Felipe Schaedler

How to get to know the Amazon

To get to know Amazonas, tourists can check out great tour options with tourist agencies registered on the website https://cadastur.turismo.gov.br/ or they can be searched for using the Amazonas to Go chatbot, available 24 hours a day, via QR Code https://qrfacil.me/Qqdds6kr or even on posters spread across the main tourist attractions in Amazonas.

Amazonas To Go already covers 12 municipalities, including Novo Airão, Manaus, Presidente Figueiredo, Manacapuru, Boa Vista do Ramos, Iranduba and Parintins. This platform connects tourists to essential resources to enhance their stay in Amazonas.

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