Motorcyclist is shot dead in alleged robbery in front of his wife


A man – whose identity has not been confirmed – died on the afternoon of Wednesday, 8th, after allegedly being the victim of an attempted robbery. The case took place in the Vale da Perucaba complex, Olho D’Águas dos Cazuzinhos neighborhood, in Arapiraca, Agreste de Alagoas.

According to information from news portals in the region, the victim was traveling with his wife on a 1950s model motorcycle, when the couple was approached by criminals, who announced a robbery.


Homicide in Arapiraca

However, before taking any belongings, the bandits ordered the woman to get off the back and shot her husband, a few times, in front of him.

The 3rd BPM advisor confirmed the situation, which was initially reported as an attempted murder.

In the versions of the media, however, the death would have been confirmed by a team from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) called to the scene. O Alagoas24Horas contacted us to obtain more details and is awaiting a response from the agency.

In addition to the Military Police, the Institutes of Criminalistics (IC) and Legal Medicine (IML) were called in to carry out the necessary procedures. The case will be investigated by the Civil Police

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