Supermarkets and hypermarkets in ES will have to have a bagger at each box

Supermarkets and hypermarkets in ES will have to have a bagger at each box
Supermarkets and hypermarkets in ES will have to have a bagger at each box
Vandinho Leite is the author of the bill that proposes the use of biodegradable or paper bags free of charge for its customers. Credit: Lucas S. Costa.

In the coming days, state deputies from Espírito Santo will debate a Bill, which obliges supermarkets and wholesale hypermarkets in the state to provide an employee to package consumers’ purchases, as well as providing free biodegradable or paper bags to their customers.

The proposal, authored by state deputy Vandinho Leite (PSDB), was unanimously approved by the Justice Committee and now goes to governor Renato Casagrande for sanction.

According to the project, hypermarkets and wholesale supermarkets located in the State of Espirito Santo will be required to provide an employee at each open checkout to package the purchased products. Inspection will be the responsibility of the State Procon and other consumer protection and defense bodies.

In his justification, the deputy highlights that the cost of packaging used in establishments is included in the final price of products purchased by consumers, and the separate charge is abusive.

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“This Bill aims to respond to society’s outcry regarding the provision of bags that do not harm the environment, free of charge, which has always been done, as the cost of packaging is included in the final price of the products purchased by consumers”, states the justification.


The approval of the law is a positive action for the environment and consumers. Conventional plastic bags, which are produced from petroleum derivatives, take hundreds of years to decompose in nature. Biodegradable or paper bags are produced from renewable materials and decompose in a much shorter period of time.

The obligation to provide an employee to pack purchases is also an important measure, as it meets the needs of consumers, especially the elderly and people with disabilities, who may have difficulty packing their purchases alone.

The law is an important step forward for Espírito Santo, which becomes the 15th state in the country to adopt measures to reduce the use of plastic bags.

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