PSD and Novo: formalized first alliance agreement for 2024 elections in SC

PSD and Novo: formalized first alliance agreement for 2024 elections in SC
PSD and Novo: formalized first alliance agreement for 2024 elections in SC

The “Memorandum of Agreement for Party Coalition”, signed today in Joinville, by state presidents (Eron Giordani-PSD and Kahlil Zattar-Novo), with the support of national presidents and mayors Adriano Silva (Novo) and João Rodrigues (PSD).

PSD President, Eron Giordani, signs the Commitment Letter – Photo: Disclosure

The document has the following content:
“In view of the 2024 Municipal Elections, the NOVO and PSD State Directories, through their presidents, make the following considerations regarding the coalition for the majority ticket in the city of Joinville:
1. The current representatives, mayor and vice-mayor, will be the candidates who will seek re-election.
2. Articulations must prioritize parties with the same ideological affinity.
3. The commitments made by both sides must be transparent and aligned with the principles and values ​​of NOVO, which are: freedom with responsibility; the individual is the agent of change; it is people who create wealth; free market; long-term vision; and everyone is
equal before the law.
4. All commissioned positions at City Hall must be filled with people who have training in the area in which they intend to work. They also need to work together with other areas of municipal management, always aiming for the best for the citizen.
5. Parties must commit to supporting the executive, whenever necessary, in the Joinville City Council (CV), Commissions, Assemblies and Meetings, with the items below:
The. Develop health through more efficient management of Hospital São José and Emergency Care Units, whether through PPPs or OSs.
B. Create conditions to reduce City Hall expenses with privatizations, PPPs or concessions.
w. Approve new financing and seek resources from other federal entities for infrastructure works.
d. Keep the number of councilors at 19.
It is. Articulate a basis in the CV) that allows the main projects for the city to be approved.
f. Reduce costs in CV]and seek improvements in its management and governance.
g. Improve the Federative Pact to increase resources for municipalities.
6. All communication and external statements about this Party Coalition Agreement will be made through the State Presidents of NOVO and PSD.”

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