Procon-JP starts scheduling to pay off debts at Cagepa with up to 100% discount

Procon-JP starts scheduling to pay off debts at Cagepa with up to 100% discount
Procon-JP starts scheduling to pay off debts at Cagepa with up to 100% discount

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Consumers of capital with debts recognized with the Paraíba Water and Sewage Company (Cagepa) have the opportunity to pay off the debt under unmissable conditions during the joint effort which will be carried out by Procon-JP between the 13th and 17th of November, from 8am to 5pm, at the Secretariat headquarters at Avenida Pedro II, 473. But be careful! Prior scheduling takes place this Thursday (9) and Friday (10) and will be done exclusively via WhatsApp (83) 98865-0179.

It is important for the consumer to pay attention to the conditions of the joint effort, which will only cover Cagepa debts already recognized, but with excellent installment conditions, which can reach 60 months, in addition to the significant reduction in interest for delay and fine for unpunctuality that They can reach 100%, depending on each specific case.

The Secretary of Consumer Protection and Defense, Rougger Guerra, explains that the negotiation and its conditions will depend on the situation of the creditor with the company and remembers that in joint efforts carried out by Procon-JP there is always the facility to pay the debt without having to compromising the consumer’s monthly income.

The Procon-JP holder also draws attention to the functioning of the Secretariat when serving those scheduled in the Cagepa joint effort. “From the 13th to the 17th of November, with the exception of the 15th which is a holiday, there will only be in-person service at the Procon-JP headquarters for those who are previously scheduled for the joint effort. Other consumers can request service through Whatsapp, which will be available to handle all types of demands,” he said.

Scheduling – Anyone who has an old or new debt with Cagepa can schedule the service, which will be carried out exclusively via Whatsapp (83) 98865-0179 on the 9th and 10th (Thursday and Friday). Rougger Guerra highlights that this type of action is very important and is in line with the priorities of Mayor Cícero Lucena’s management and with the institutional mission of Procon-JP, which is to “seek the best for the population through the mediation of conflicts in the consumer relationship”.

Documents – Consumers with a debt recognized at Cagepa and wishing to negotiate payment terms will schedule an appointment and, on the appointed day, must attend the Procon-JP headquarters with their CPF, ID and debt documentation. Secretary Rougger Guerra points out that the conditions provided for settlement are excellent for the debtor, including a significant reduction in interest.

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