Best Age of Water Boa takes a trip to the beach in Bahia | Interactive News – News from Vale do Araguaia and Region

Best Age of Water Boa takes a trip to the beach in Bahia | Interactive News – News from Vale do Araguaia and Region
Best Age of Water Boa takes a trip to the beach in Bahia | Interactive News – News from Vale do Araguaia and Region

ÁGUA BOA – On the night of October 25th, around 90 elderly people from the Best Age Heart of Brazil group, from the Municipal Department of Social Assistance, boarded two buses heading to Porto Seguro, Bahia, in search of leisure and fun. For many of them, the trip will forever be remembered as the opportunity they had to finally see the sea.
Arrival at the destination took place on Friday (27), after 41 hours of travel with stops for food, bathing and stretching. Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by local singers with great entertainment at a special stop for lunch on the seafront.
During the four days in Porto Seguro, hotel accommodation was provided including breakfast, tour opportunities such as visits to the historic center, the Passarela da Cultura, the Tôa Tôa leisure complex and the beaches of Taperapuã and Coroa Vermelha.
The entire trip, tours and accommodation were paid for by the Municipal Council of the Elderly of Água Boa through the AH- MAR project! – TRAVELING AT THE BEST AGE, designed by First Lady Juliana Souza and planned in partnership with the Social Assistance team, with the aim of offering elderly people a leisure and recreation experience, promoting improvements in quality of life and physical and mental well-being and emotional.
The group was divided into subgroups, identified by colored bracelets and accompanied by monitors, a physical educator, two nurses and a communications advisor, all employees of the Municipal Government of Água Boa-MT.
In addition, everyone was presented with a beach bag and a hat, with each woman’s hat being lovingly personalized by the Social Assistance team.
First Lady Juliana Souza participated and spoke of her gratitude at being able to see the joy and satisfaction in each of their eyes. “It was a great pleasure to be with them during these days that will remain forever in the memory of all of us. Many didn’t know the sea, others hadn’t had the opportunity to take a trip like this for a long time. You can feel their joy, and that is extremely rewarding,” she commented.
The Executive Secretary of the Municipal Councils also thanked everyone who invested and believed in the AH-MAR project.
“I thank the population of Água Boense who had the greatest participation in making this dream come true, the family members of the elderly who trusted us, and all the professionals involved who collaborated to make this trip happen in a safe and peaceful way. Just gratitude for the completion of this project. For us, it was gratifying to see the elderly people happy for this opportunity, we cannot explain the emotion and everything that was experienced”, concluded Célia.
With emotion, smiles, tears and a lot of gratitude, several members expressed their thanks to those involved in organizing this great trip. Check out some of them:
“Gratitude to God, our first lady, mayor Dr. Mariano and the entire city hall team, it was wonderful mainly because many people at this age didn’t know the sea, so it’s just gratitude, a trip that made many dreams come true; to the AH-MAR project that Água Boa has, which invests in human beings, and other municipalities can also follow this wonderful example. I always say, I love Água Boa, we have representatives who care about us, especially our first lady, her heart beats, it is the heart of Brazil that beats stronger for all of us. Água Boa is to be congratulated”, declared retired teacher Odila.
“Firstly, I would like to thank God and everyone who committed themselves to giving this joy to the elderly. It was the first time in my life to set foot in the sea, I had never been to a beach. It was very beautiful, I was thrilled to see the sea, and it was great to see the place where the first mass was celebrated, I just have to say thank you”, reported Ana.
“I loved this tour, the team is top notch, I loved it. May God bless you all richly and next time I won’t miss it. I’m very grateful, I made friends, I liked everything, thank you”, said Margarida with tears in her eyes.
“It was a very good trip for us, I had never been on a walk, I had never been to a beach, I thought it was really good, my wife and I, I just have to say thank you. Anyone who complains about a trip like that doesn’t know what’s good, because we had support staff with us the whole time, nurses, and they were happy all the time. Have you ever thought about taking a trip like this on your own? Would we have a nurse to take care of us? Our Lady, it was too good, anyone who complains is ungrateful”, declared Mamedio.
“I loved it so much, I thank God. The service was great, I would like to thank the Hotel staff who welcomed me very well and the Água Boa team. It was also super fun on the beach, I played a lot”, said Nilva.
“I thought the trip was wonderful, we were treated well, respected, I just have to give my heartfelt thanks to Juliana, Mariano and the entire team and I hope we have several other opportunities”, declared Marli.
“We didn’t know, we never had this opportunity, so it was very good, wonderful, a trip like this is priceless. We were well received, well treated, Porto Seguro left us speechless, with so much pleasure, with so much joy in being here. Better than that, just one more time”, reported João Gonzaga.
“It was wonderful, better than this impossible. I liked all the people we took care of, I thank the team that invited me and may God bless everyone”, said monitor Leia.
“Congratulations are in order, we just have to thank our first lady and the entire team, now it’s just time to get better. I am very grateful for everything they did for us”, said Erica.
“The trip was excellent, I didn’t know the sea, it was the first time and I fell in love. When I left, I slept because I didn’t want to go back. I thank Juliana for the opportunity because I have been at city hall for 15 years and I have never had an opportunity like this, and I know there will be several, thank you very much”, declared Stanley.
“For me it was a great trip, something unprecedented. Only us elderly people know how rewarding it is to go on a trip like this”, thanked Cícero.
The arrival in Água Boa took place in the early hours of the morning (1:30 am) on Thursday, November 2nd, leaving us with nostalgia and good memories. (ASCOM)

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