Female participation is highlighted in the Young Worker Program

Female participation is highlighted in the Young Worker Program
Female participation is highlighted in the Young Worker Program

The first lady of Tocantins, Karynne Sotero, was at the headquarters of Demà Jovem by Renapsi in Palmas this Tuesday, 7th, and noted that female participation is highlighted in the Young Worker Program – among the more than 2 thousand young people already hired in the inclusion program employment, more than 1300 are women. The Program is developed by the Government of Tocantins, through the Secretariat of Labor and Social Development, in partnership with Demà Jovem by Renapsi.

“I am very happy with this number, it is a flag that I have defended a lot, about us women, and I believe that this is women’s moment. She is organized, has had more vision and these numbers prove that this really is the moment for women, from youth to prime age,” she stated.

Young people like Ana Clara Nunes, 16 years old, who found the Young Worker Program her first opportunity to enter the job market. During the first lady’s visit, Ana Clara shared her story of struggle and joy when she learned that she would be hired by the Program.

“I come from a settlement in the municipality of Aragominas and I came here in January, looking for work. There was no such program yet. Until one day I was at school and they handed out the Young Worker posters and I signed up. They told me to come here, asked for my documents and I thought ‘will I be called?’. When they told me to take the exams I understood: ‘I’m going to be hired’. I left smiling at God and the world, inside the bus”, he recalled.

Developing her work practice at the Tocantins Tourism Department, Ana Clara also stated that, although the financial issue has an impact on her family and the salary came at a good time, the work opportunity is having a positive influence on other areas of her life.

“For me it was the best thing, because I wanted to work here, I’m working at the Tourism Department, there everyone welcomes me with a lot of love, affection, teaches me, I’m learning a lot, not just for the service, because the money is good, but because I am gaining a lot of knowledge at work, even the way I speak has improved, it is adding a lot to me”, he stated.

Transformation from north to south

Also attending the visit was the Secretary of Labor and Social Development, Jonis Calaça, who highlighted the representativeness of the program throughout Tocantins and the expectation of reaching the milestone of hiring three thousand young people.

“Without a doubt, the transformations were many. Since the month of June until now, we have reached 139 municipalities, we have a capillarity of representation in all municipalities in the state. In particular, in the last month, we had an influx of 600 young people. So we got the hang of distributing vacancies, the institution is very organized, the Secretariat too, and we believe we will reach 3,000 as soon as possible”, he explained.

At the end of the visit, first lady Karynne Sotero shared her impression of the importance of the Program in the lives of young people from Tocantins.

“It’s a great program, a magnificent program, I’m delighted with everything I saw, super excited young people, super excited about entering the job market. All this work is to be congratulated, the secretariat is to be congratulated, I can only praise and thank everything I saw here”, she concluded.

The program

Launched at the end of the first half of 2023, the Young Worker Program surpassed the two thousand hiring mark and is on track to offer three thousand job opportunities in the 139 municipalities of Tocantins.

Registration is done via the website www.jovemtrabalhodorto.org.br. To participate in the Program, young people must have a family income of up to two national minimum wages or half a per capita minimum wage, or be registered with CadÚnico; is attending primary or secondary education (or has already completed secondary education) and is or has been a public school student or 100% private school scholarship holder.

In addition to the quotas for PWD (5% to 10%) with no age limit and for socio-educational (5%), the Young Worker Program establishes priority in hiring young indigenous, riverside and quilombola people.

Demà Jovem by Renapsi

With more than 30 years of experience in Brazil, Demà Jovem by Renapsi is the largest Learning specialist in the country and is present in all Brazilian regions. Currently serving more than 25 thousand young people in Brazil, the institution promotes inclusion through learning and hopes to strengthen and consolidate regional ties, in addition to promoting more opportunities for young people in situations of social vulnerability.

Demà Jovem social technology is already present in six European countries and allows young people to participate in a journey of social transformation through education, technology and access to the job market.

*This content is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda – SDG 05 – Gender Equality and SDG 08 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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